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10% off Eneloop Rechargeable, Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA & AAA Batteries, Chargers + Free Shipping @ Greensparks Technology


Enter code 'GREEN19' at checkout for a 10% discount on batteries and chargers, with free shipping. All prices inclusive of GST.

Eligible products include:
Energizer Lithium ultimate AA
Panasonic Eneloop AA
Panasonic Eneloop AAA
Panasonic Eneloop AA Pro
Saft LS14500 lithium
Enecharger 12-cell charger

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  • Thanks OP

    10% off Eneloops wouldn’t do it for me though

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    Just waiting for Teds to get my stock in from the last deal.

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    About page is a bit lacking considering most like to buy genuine batteries from verifiable/reliable retailers. Also is it common to sell batteries individually? If I buy 8x Eneloop Pros do they come in a bag?

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      Hi - yes, these are genuine batteries. We've been selling Eneloops for several years now (for our excellent customer feedback, look at our ebay store here: https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/greensparks_technology), and are working on expanding our online presence. We purchase some of our Eneloops in bulk boxes as some customers require large quantities. Thanks for the feedback.

    • At least they aren't selling them by the gram.

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    Company looks dodgy AF. The About page has nothing relevant but an old ABN that's just had an update in July.

    Also, this post has already been deleted due to lack of business details. Proceed with caution.


    • We've been selling batteries for several years now (for our excellent customer feedback, look at our ebay store (registered in 2015): https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/greensparks_technology)… so it makes sense that the ABN has been registered for some time…

      We were asked by the moderators to supply further details on our business, which we have now done, and so we have reposted the deal.

    • Yes, they said they have been selling batteries for several years but they only registered GST since 1 Jul 2021. And I don't think that batteries are GST-free supplies. So they have been selling goods without GST for several years?

      • Depends how much you sell, don’t need one if you sell under 75K a year

      • Hi. GST registration only applies when your revenue exceeds a certain threshold. If you are below that threshold, you are not required to charge GST. This information is available on the ATO website.

  • How do I undo the vote ??

    I actually went to click + for the OP’s effort, and I can’t see how to get rid of it ?

    • Click on the votes tab underneath the title and you’ll see a revoke button next to your username

  • Hi OP,

    I recommend maybe adding a bit more detail in your post description in future, as it will create more credibility/reassurance of your business.

    You can't blame people initially being skeptical of your "deal"

  • I've bought from their eBay store before and they were pretty good and the batteries seem legit - current model (not the older ones some sellers seem to have) and came in the usual packaging and all. I always check feedback on eBay beforehand and the fact that I purchased meant that I didn't see any cause for concern.
    In saying that 10% off isn't much of a bargain. Good but not great.

    • We're pleased to hear that! Thank-you also for going out of your way to give us a thumbs up by sharing your experience, we appreciate it.

  • Just ordered I'll let you all know how it goes.

    • 1 ordered at 15:03 on Monday 16/08/21
      2 Received an Auspost tracking number 20:34 on Monday 16/08/21
      3 Tracking says In transit to next facility in SYDNEY WEST NSW - Wed 18 Aug, 4.07am

      • Interested to hear how you go. Prices seem competitive.

  • +3

    Arrived this afternoon Mon 23 Aug, 2.20pm. 2 packs one 8AA and the other 8AAA all ok and the manufacture date matches up. Happy with the whole process

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    Ordered on the weekend, money gone from account, still haven't received any emails from Shopify (Shop App) or Greensparks. What's the go with no order confirmation?

    EDIT: Josh reached out to confirm it was shipped, and I did find the emails in spam. Good stuff, and great comms :)