Aldi Guitars

I'm considering buying one of these guitars. I'm a beginner to the guitar so I think this would be fine until I get good enough to justify buying something good.

Look at the links below:

Acoustic Guitar: - $49.99
Semi Acoustic Guitar: - $99.99
Electric Guitar: - $99.99
Amp: - $99.99
Effects Pedal: - $29.99




    i had a look at the acoustic once (classical player here).

    I would strongly recommend getting a classical/nylon string guitar. They are easier to play (by far), sound better (in my opinion, tho i conceive most people disagree), and the necks * don't* bend and warp within a few months (like the acoustic here will).

    I once bought a $40 classical from ebay, and its lasted year with regurlar use (i bought it as a beach/party/dump guitar).

    As for amps/effect pedals, make sure u try it out, even if you know nothing, some effects pedals(and distortion on cheap amps) just sound wrong.


    If you must get an electric, this might be alright. I bought a cheap electric (aston) once, was not bad.

    BUT remember, guitars are (were?) considered the best investment [some year ago i saw an article]. If you shell out to get a fender squire set (amp+guitar etc), you can always re-sell it well.

    fender website with RRP (should be able to get it cheaper)

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    ungh I had a lengthy paragraph detailing the quality of the acoustic/classical but then I accidently hit back. Basically, something will bend/break/warp/lift. I bought the acoustic a few years back, not long after 6 months the neck warped something terrible lifting the bridge off a little. Only because I had left it in the car.

    They'd be good for a beginner guitar, decide whether you want to take it seriously or not. You'll want to replace it quickly if you do.

    The pedals on the other hand are actually quite decent, comparable to the boss xx-1 series.


    I picked up the semi acoustic about a year ago, pretty excellent guitar, even the electric side of things sounds very decent. Change the strings first, I put a set of Elixir nanowebs on straight away, and the guitar sounds great, very decent quality for the money. My other guitars are a yamaha steel string acoustic and a maton cw80 so I have something decent to compare it to. Go and grab one.

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      You made an account for that comment!!!


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        No, just thought I'd try to help, I dont think aldi would have agents on here making fake accounts :) I love guitars, and keen to see others get into them too…


    are their guitars made in China?


    silly qns but i gotta be sure, do these guitars come in a guitar bag or just displayed in a rack?