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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5ed (DSM-5) Hardcover $46 Delivered @ galaxy stores1 via Amazon AU


This can be a rather expensive textbook.

The American Psychiatric Association sells it for $210 usd.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5) is the product of more than 10 years of effort by hundreds of international experts in all aspects of mental health. Their dedication and hard work have yielded an authoritative volume that defines and classifies mental disorders in order to improve diagnoses, treatment, and research.

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    From quick search seems like it can be bought for around $50-60 for the paperback versions


    But yeah 46 seems pretty good especially for hardback

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      RRP is certifiably insane.

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    So cheap you gotta be mental!?!? not to buy it

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    I think Ozbargain addiction might be in the boook somewhere…

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      While compulsive shopping can lead to a number of problems, it is not recognized as a distinct behavioral addiction in the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" (DSM-5).

      • What about FOMO? Surely that's what drives a lot of OzB. :-D

        • Although FOMO is not a DSM-V diagnosis it is now in the Oxford Dictionary. FOMO is defined as anxiety that one is missing out on an exciting event, social interaction or opportunity that is occurring elsewhere. FOMO is exacerbated by social media updates where people get a glimpse of what they are missing out on.

        • You could classify fomo as a component of social anxiety but its also not a diagnosis unto itself.

      • Conveniently not recognised to promote more spending. This is expected of the capitalist beast.

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      Must fulfil at least TWO of the listed criteria for diagnosis of Ozbargainism:

      • Denies the need for purchase but disregards rationality and places a compulsive order

      • Refreshes 10 clicks each sitting

      • Carries an alter-ego on the forum page

      • Spends office hours on OzB

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        I have Obsessive Compulsive Buying Disorder

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        Hmmm. I would diagnose that as Obsessive-zone Buying Assets, Requisition Gratification, Abstention-Inactive Necessitation (OZBARGAIN)

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    There is enough psychologists on whirlpool given out free diagnosis that I don't think this book is needed.

  • I've seen some crazy stuff on OB, but this is madness!

  • Glanced over this and "5ed" caught my eye … thought it was a Dungeons & Dragons book for a second.

  • If I'm going to start studying psychology next year, would it be worth me getting this?

    Or is this more for psychiatrists?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question!

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      In short no, but it is not at all a dumb question.

      You won’t need it really unless you are going on to postgrad studies. If you plan on becoming a (clinical) psychologist then you will need it - you can access the digital copy via university websites but having a physical copy also is helpful IMO.

      It is a very good price but you don’t need it, then again when did that stop any Ozbargainer :)

    • You can easily find pdf of the DSM 5 (as well as most other textbooks) online. I can dm you the link for it if you'd like. Or if you want to be 100% legal, the library will have copies of all your required texts available for borrowing.
      Source: former psych student.

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      Since most people who go into psych are at least partially motivated to 'self diagnose' their own issues and/or hoping to fix some perceived flaws or quirks of their own, it's tempting to buy this straightaway. But like the other commenter said. You'll probably get access to this from your institution's library so just hold off on it.

    • We had online access to DSM (IV back in my day) via the uni library

    • As a psychologist, no not at this stage. Save your money. You will need it at some point. You should be focusing on the basics first so intro psych books will be better to start with. Some people like to think that by reading the DSM-5 they will have a better understanding of disorders and people/themselves but they miss the nuances of the DSM-5 that suitably trained professionals are trained to grasp.

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    Expensive toilet paper

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            @Jenny Death: From my understanding, it's more a look at conservative (religious) views vs more liberal secular views in classifying mental disorders.

            Classification of mental disorders should be independent of the belief of the practitioner. That's a reason for the development of the DSM - to be used as an objective tool.

            That paper found that was not the case in this category - people with different beliefs came to different classification, which suggested the classification of homosexuality as a mental disorder was suspect & correct to be dropped from the DSM.

            Jewish communities have been used in other health research. It can be a more homogeneous group than others & so useful in research design.

            Finding a suitable pool of research subjects is an important factor in designing research. The Jewish community would likely provide a good number of suitable psychiatrists for such a study.

            The Jewish community has a long involvement in psychoanalysis & psychiatry as professionals.

            So to do a study examining the effect of strongly held religious views on classification of mental disorders - the necessary number of psychiatrists needed for the study would probably be easier to locate in the Jewish community, rather than other conservative religious communities.

            People choose to ignore research - if it doesn't accord with their own beliefs & biases. Nothing new there.

  • is it cheap because v6 coming out soon??

    • I feel so out of date. Have a copy of V4 from my psych studies.

      • who says 4 is any worse than 5, psych has been a "science" for not long, they could be going in the wrong direction anyway….

    • +1

      Did a quick search does not appear a v6 is coming out anytime soon.

      • Hopefully not true of Elder Scrolls though.

    • DSM-IV lasted 19 years (1994 - 2013). DSM-V was published in 2013, so it probably has some ways to go.

    • no version 6 any time soon. If anything they will probably have technical revisions first like what they did with DSM-IV

  • just here for the comments

  • Thanks. Studying Psychology. Not necessarily a huge fan of the manual, but it's good to have.

  • Or search Google for dsm-5 .pdf

  • The DSM use to be the go to book.
    Unfortunately now it’s used also as a legal aid and thus the quality of the information has declined over the years.
    Example: inclusion of sex addiction…

    • I dunno dude sex can be pretty addictive.

      That's the information I'm hearing.

      • Compulsive. Alluring.
        Any other adjective than addictive.
        FYI that adduction was included for the bit buck earners like Tiger Woods.

        • Perhaps it was in part added due to recognition or interpretation of the issues facing the rich, famous, and desirable.

          But it's also because the mesolimbic dopamine pathway is essentially central reward circuitry that does not discriminate between food, sex, drugs, and a range of other natural and synthetic reinforcers.

          The definition of addiction (and I hope I'm not getting mixed up with abuse/misuse here) as persistent use despite failed attempts to quit and recognition that use impairs other life domains seems to be consistent with sex addiction.

          Where do you get your info from, especially the FYI part?

          • @ozbjunkie: Fellow medical collègues.

            • @FredAstair: Well. Even though your colleagues are not besieged by busloads of Danish models, surely they must have some experience "fighting them off with a stick".

              I think I'm a sex addict. In terrible, terrible, withdrawals, which is warranted given my uber eats history.

              • @ozbjunkie: Ah.. So you base your conclusions in your own belief of being a sex addict.

                • @FredAstair: Nah from studying psychology.

                  And relating it to myself, sure.

                  • @ozbjunkie: Now there’s your mistake.
                    Rule 1 with studying yourself. Try not to diagnosis yourself.