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Netgear Nighthawk M5 $546 (Was $699) @ Telstra


There is a $150 off offer for the Nighthawk M5 when you buy it outright or with a month-to-month upfront data plan.
The offer details say

Get $150 Off When you add to an Upfront Data plan. Offer ends 30 August.

But as scrimshaw has demonstrated below, looks like you can continue without adding a dataplan.

The modem is unlocked and supports all Australian 4G and 5G bands.

I am currently using this as my main home broadband modem. Had it for a little over 4 months. Pretty happy with the performance.
I get anywhere between 300~500Mbps over 5G NR from my closest tower which is over 1.2km away with minimum obstructions (e.g: trees but not line of sight).

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    I believe you can skip the data plan. Pick Outright — don't click "Select Plan", just scroll down and click Next and you should be able to purchase without any plans selected

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      Yes this is the same as all their phone deals. All the literature says "buy outright on a plan" or similar, but you literally just pick outright, don't select a plan, add to cart.

      I assume it's a known loophole, because they don't have cancellation fees etc on many many plans, people signing up just to cancel immediately create a heap of work that this loophole avoids.

  • OMG Telstra how generous! Does anyone actually sign up for this that isn’t a business customer?

    • FWIW I have, I shall be using it as our 4g modem in place of satellite internet. We have the M1 for an RV too which has been fantastic

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      I did but don’t own a business.
      This is not all that expensive when you consider what you get: a portable 5G modem capable of hitting 1Gbps and a router supporting WiFi 6.
      P.S: I don’t have access to FTTP NBN, this is by far the best alternative, given the speeds I now get I don’t regret buying it at $699.

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      Yes, I did on my JB-HIFI $69 12 month plan with free 5G modem with 300GB of data per month at full speed.

      • which deal is this? i have been checking in with JB on and off and they only give out free 4g modem which is useless to me as I already have a 4g modem……they are suggesting I can use the gift cards to buy the nighthawk modem which I have better use for…

        • this is the one .. not available now, perhaps will come back at some time

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    always crazy to see how much people resell these things on ebay for.

  • Battery life's good?

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      I’m running without the battery (to save the battery and keep the modem cool), so can’t comment too much about it, but on the day I got it I spent a good 4~5 hrs with a plenty of battery left at the end of the day. According to this review you can expect around 10hrs (advertised 13hrs)

      • I didn't know you could do this. So you just removed the battery and plugged the modem into power with the included usb c charger?

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  • I used one of these during the trial period in Melbourne.

    I was getting 300mbits on 5g, it was insane!

    Friends were part of the same trial study but only got like 40mbits, but they lived near a uni so I think the area was saturated with people using 4/5g.

  • Need to know the coverage.

    without an antenna, will it cover a 150sqm house ?

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      The antenna is mostly to boost 5G signal, I don't think it helps with WiFi signal but I'm happy to be corrected. I'm using the Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro and I just turn off its WiFi and rely on my mesh instead.

    • If you have an mesh system or wifi modem you could plug this in as a gateway device and have all your home devices connected to the wifi modem. I do this whenever there is an nbn outage.

  • Any way to get unlimited data (or at least 600GB/m) plan to use with this modem?

    • By this and wait for an Optus SIM deal.

    • Not on Telstra and not without a speed cap I’m afraid. But I have seen a few MVNOs offering unlimited wireless plans speed limited to 20Mbps on Vodafone and Optus. E.g: iiNet home wireless limitless.

    • Got my deal over the phone - 500gb unlimited and then speed limits 25mb but Vodafone network (5g coming soon to my area and i will wait the 5g modem would be cheaper as well 😅). $65/m - m2m sim . Most of time i got around 100-150mb/s or at least 50mb/s, and Im fine with that cause my nbn was worst than that. Hope this help….

      • Seems similar to the one I currently use - Optus 4G Home Internet.

        I checked Voda's site before signing up with Optus. Voda has only 400GB max speed data whereas with Optus it is 500GB w/o calling the customer support.

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          I got 1 sim (cheap plan) with Voda, so i made this up and tick share data on both, so 1 for internet and 1 for pesonal use + discount bundle + unlimited on both + international calls and $2 extra for Samsung A11 for 12months 😅….

          • @Nguyeniaht: Looks like you got a great deal. Happy for ya.

            If you can, do share how to get the same.

            • @sridhar: I did over the phone, and kept asking - i dunno about gonna be different case by case or not, but could be lucky was talking to a Rep who tried to reach a sale target.

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    Just paid $696 from Telstra Order Express on Friday……….spewing.

  • Is anyone using these connected to a router via the ethernet port? I specifically want to connect one to a Google Wifi Mesh system. Anyone had any experience with this?

    • I setup a Nighthawk M1 for my parents in regional NSW connected to a standard home router, and am currently using a Telstra WiFi 5G Pro connected to a TP-Link Deca mesh system while I wait for a fibre installation to be completed.

      Both setups have been rock solid, a month on my 5G setup and three months for my parents with the M1 4G.

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      Yes, I have connected mine to an Orbi mesh system over ethernet. Works fine, but I have disabled IP passthrough mode as I have experienced slower speeds with it enabled. Here is a speedtest I did a couple of weeks ago through my Orbi mesh router.

      • That's useful info. Thanks. I'm getting around 600 down and 50 up, but that's connecting via hotspot to my iPhone 12.

      • wow, i have this ip passthrough enabled on my nighthawk m2.
        maybe i'll go disable that..

        it would mean more wifi signals crashing together by oh well

  • How does this one compare to the other 5G modem they offer :…

    My son got this one on the TGG $69/mth deal and it flies! Wondering how the two compare though?

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      I also got this one. It replaced the M5 so should be better (not sure in what way). I got mine for free on the JB HiFi Telstra 12 month $69 plan but get a $10 discount ($708 over 12 months) plus I get 200gb per month. I have it connected to my mesh wifi for home internet and regularly get 200-500mbps

      • AFAIK The 5G Wi-Fi Pro was introduced before the M5. Telstra had the M2 before that (which BTW looks a little similar to the M5).

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      The 5G Wi-Fi Pro supports mmWave 5G which can theoretically attain much faster speeds than the currently rolled out Sub 6Ghz 5G. But we don’t have any mmWave 5G sites yet.

    • Looks like TPG only has the $54.99 Wireless Broadband plan at the moment.
      But the speed is capped at 20mb download and 2mb upload. Exetel is stopping ADSL to my area.

    • Really happy with my Telstra 5G Pro. It replaced an M1 Nighthawk I setup for my parents to replace crappy satellite in country NSW.

      Got it on special for $479 from Telstra during EOFY sales. I would have bought the M5 had it been closer in price to the Pro simply because I was so pleased with the M1, but I have no regrets.

  • This is awesome, thanks OP! Been considering the M5 over the Telstra branded 5G modem but couldn't justify the premium in the prices difference!
    Got one!

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    This doesn't support the mm wave 5G band like the ZTE modem does.

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      True, but mmWave hasn’t rolled out yet, the bandwidth auction only took place in April of this year, I don’t think we’ll see it roll out to the public until next year at least. Will take even longer for it to reach the suburbs. See how long 5G took to expand using existing bands and towers. mmWave 5G on the other hand requires deploying hundreds of small cells to get the same coverage, therefore I don’t think many of us living (who are living outside CBD areas) will see mmWave 5G for at least another 3~5 years (if at all).

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    if only telstra had unlimited 5g plan, 400gb seems quite low ..and also quite expensive at $85 pm

  • I assume it's locked to Telstra?

    • I would like to know this too

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      No, not locked. I have used an Optus SIM as well, it also supports all currently available Australian 3G,4G and 5G bands.

      • What speeds are you getting on optus sim???

        Wondering if it has the 2300mhz frequency??

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          I have seen speeds close to 150Mbps on Optus, but I only have Optus 4G coverage.
          I can confirm 2300Mhz (B40) is supported on this modem, I just switched to my backup Optus SIM and band locked the modem to B40 before posting, connected without any issue.

          But you need to log into the modem via Telnet to enable B40 because its not enabled out of the box. Here is a guide written for the M1, but the same commands work on the M5 too.
          The best thing about this modem is its configurability, you can band lock and filter out unwanted bands as you like, only very few modems let you do that.

  • If my area coverage checker lists 5G as 'outdoor' would an external antenna suffice, and if so can these be added(connected) to this device?
    I know the nighthawk M1 I have presently has the ability (with some modification).

    • If my area coverage checker lists 5G as 'outdoor' would an external antenna suffice

      Most likely, you may even get decent speeds without an antenna depending on your location (for example if you are in a double story house and keep the modem on the upper floor).

      can these be added(connected) to this device?

      Yes, M5 has two TS9 ports, you can connect a 2x2 MIMO antenna without any modifications.

  • I may be missing a point. Why would one choose to buy this from telstra when optus gives a free 5g router with their home internet plan?

    And I believe there aren't many 5g locations where both Optus and Telstra don't co exist.

    Can some shed some light pls.

    • You can’t take the Optus modem anywhere, it isn’t mobile broadband.

    • Which plan are you referring to ? The Nokia FastMile desktop modem provided with the Optus 5G home internet plan is not free, its $200 upfront on month to month or $500 pro-rata on 24month. Also, there are quite a few differences, it’s a bigger desktop modem running off mains power, doesn’t support WiFi6, doesn’t appear to support some non-Optus bands, and said to have a very restricted Optus branded firmware (but the modem itself I believe is unlocked)

      • Thanks for the insight.

        I got one for free. They were running a promo 5 months ago.

        I have to however return it on disconnection.

        I personally do not see the point of investing in a Wifi 6 router given my house hold has no Wifi 6 devices.

        • Sure, if you got one free then that’s great. And I agree this is not for everyone, but this modem has a very unique set of features e.g.:

          • Mobility
          • External antenna support
          • Band locking and band filtering (this can make a huge difference to people in rural or congested areas)
          • Carrier unlocked and all band support

          over a desktop modem that makes it well worth the extra money for those who need those features.

      • BTW I am also on MTM plan. No contract.

    • I thought in the Optus 5g home internet terms stated modem always was owned by them and it wasn’t returned they would charge a hefty fee.

  • Tried purchasing one of these tonight, outright no plan, but couldn’t get past first checkout screen. Will try again tomorrow night from a pc (this was on iPad)…

  • Anyone know if this gets the 50k Telstra points?

    • Really? How?

      Yet stil don't know what it is good for, I have almost 30K.

    • If you sign up to an eligible plan, I doubt any points will be awarded for device only.

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