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Free - Gym Resistance Band Delivered @ Powertrain


Sometime it is handy to do online browsing to kill time and found this.
Looks quite strong.
enjoy :)

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  • +2

    Getting a "429 Page Rate Limit" error

  • 429 Page Rate Limit

    Happens when you try to check out and purchase.

    Entered an address from Sydney, might work if you are in a different state like Vic.

    Edit: Seems like it might not work for you if you are not in Melbourne.

    • +1

      I’m in Perth and it worked for me

    • worked for me I'm in Syd

    • Another edit: Seems to work now, maybe the problem was fixed a few mins after I tried it with Yeemail.


    Address in Melbourne.
    Thanks OP.

    Now that I've got it.. I'll find the use for it too :)

  • Order went through no problem for me (Melbourne).

    Thanks OP!

  • Thanks

  • buy now, think later

  • -1

    got one, now anyone tell me what its for?

    • +1

      Make a big slingshot?

      • +8

        Yes, will use it for free delivery for gumtree items.

  • Worked for me in Brisbane. Ta!

  • +1

    Worked for Brisbane

  • It worked for me, SA. Thank you!

  • Let's go!!!

  • Site died at payment.

  • Server crashed - Ozbargain website stress testing strikes again.

  • OZbargained "Server temporarily down"

    • Yep… I copped this on the final page of checkout.

      That said, the item was removed from my cart…. No email yet though.

  • Was gonna get it without knowing what it actually is.

    Website crashed in true ozbargain style.

  • If they don't send me ma band, I'm going straight to the ACCC!

    • Maybe if we get a few other people to do the same, then we can get our free bands?

  • Can confirm order placed for Sydney..let's see if they actually deliver it lol

  • Site crashed

  • Order went through to ACT

  • Cool they have afterpay!!

  • Just got one. Thanks, I was actual after one.


  • Any Brodens looking to lose some lockdown weight?

  • Website down

  • Website is temporarily down? :(

  • +1

    Crashed for me during checkout… right after they collect your information lol

    • Same

    • +1

      Update - after a number of tries I finally got through. Keep at it!

  • Gonna get Ozbargained for sure

  • Almost crashed the website….

  • Not even going to cart now.. Website crasheddddd…

  • fans of free resistance bands unite!

    and stop hogging the server at once!

    • +1

      Single file cheapos!

    • one at a time please bois.

  • +2

    what are the odds of receiving these bands before my 3080 build from TechFast

    this would be life changing I guess

    • When did you order it haha

      • +1

        last year it feels

  • What will arrive first. This or my Jerky.

    • Jerky makes a poor resistance band come to think of it

  • Order received with order number after 5 tries and loading forever after each step.

    Sydney address.

    But no email confirmation?

    • screenshot it

    • They might send you 5

      • Got two email confirmations in the end lol

    Thank you for your purchase!

  • I think we are crashing the website.

  • Thanks op.

  • dam, think i typed my details in 20 times before it finally went through

  • Got it with order number given

  • Placed one.. Thxs OP.. keep browsing and keep posting..

  • Now gone through

  • Free stretchy band huh? I hope this doesn't … come back to hurt me.

  • Order bas been received. Thanks!

  • Definitely going through now much easier! Thanks OP!! Got a few in Sydney!!

  • Order received after first attempt - Sydney address.

    No email confirmation as of yet.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Ordered one. Thanks OP!

  • free resistance bands

    no one needed any

    but soon in every household around Australia

    • Can use to build your booty

      • Build or tone

  • +1

    That was the quickest checkout ever

    Edit: wait…I never entered my email address 😬

  • -1

    How many can u order?

  • Just got one now

  • "Sometime it is handy to do online browsing to kill time"

    looks like you are also waiting for your 3080 TechFast build, OP

  • depends how much time you end up spending unsubscribing from spam all for one band …..

    had hoped maybe they had cheap olympic weights ….not to be …. cheaper on ebay.

  • Are there any of these that don't ultimately snap? Every time I use them doing insanity asylum they snap

    • Have you tried the woven ones from rebel?

      • I have not. Thanks for the tip

  • I think they are skimming for personal details
    Over 50 mins and no confirmation email yet

    • I checked out as a guest? I don't remember putting an email on and got no confirmation email.

      • They got your phone but?

        • I didn't give the correct phone number either 😊

    • +2

      I just called their 1300 number. It's an overseas call centre. They had no idea about this promotion.
      Their website claims that it's "Australian" operated business since 2005. Hmmmm

  • +3

    Can I use this to strap the fridge door closed… Must resist.

  • Got one … Thanks ..

  • Got one, thanks!

  • I mean if this arrives I'll use it, so thanks OP.

  • Thanks, worked for me!

  • +1

    Thanks op, almost too hard to call it a day without visiting ozbargain.

  • +1

    With all these freebie deals, I hope people are giving testimonials whether good or bad after receiving the product.

  • Cheers! Hopefully I receive it!
    Not sure why people are reporting as "expired"

  • Got one. How can they offer free delivery like this though? :/

    • +2

      Im assuming its going to go as cheap as possible. You could fold the hell the hell out of this and it wouldnt cost much to send at all, especially in bulk.

  • +1

    hopefully it's not some batch that didnt meet their expectations :D
    dont really want these to snap :D :D

  • I too got the resistance band scam. Whatever they are up to I hope I don't get spammed too much!

    Thanks op!

  • Does she come with it? Otherwise no idea what to do with it..

    • +2

      Hehehe, oh you!

  • +1

    Order went through, I am in Sydney but no emails yet, maybe cancelled, maybe they just used it to collect email addresses. They will get the email address for OZB lol

  • Thx op, got error couple times but eventually checked out successfully

  • +2

    email farming ?

  • Great find OP. Ordered for Darwin

    • Don’t forget the sweatbands

  • Ordered in Brisbane works fine.

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