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70% off All Web Hosting Plans (First Invoice Only) @ VentraIP (New Purchases)


48h flash sale for hosting plans:

Starter+ ($3.00/m):
5GB SSD Cloud Storage
Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
200% CPU Allowance
2GB Memory Allowance
Unlimited Email Accounts
Hourly Acronis Backups
FREE Comodo SSL Certificate

Freedom+ ($6.00m):
15GB SSD Cloud Storage
Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
300% CPU Allowance
6GB Memory Allowance
Unlimited Email Accounts
Hourly Acronis Backups
FREE Comodo SSL Certificate

Premier+ ($9.00/m):
25GB SSD Cloud Storage
Unlimited Premium Bandwidth
400% CPU Allowance
8GB Memory Allowance
Unlimited Email Accounts
Hourly Acronis Backups
FREE Comodo SSL Certificate
Priority Technical Support

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  • The 70% off is for the first invoice only. I can't figure out if you get 70% off 1 year if you pay yearly.

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      From the page:

      *Discount applies to the first invoice of new purchases for up to 2 years only.

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      You can, definitely worth paying for the whole year if you need it.

  • Looking to start a new Wordpress website for a new small local business (will have woocomerce installed on it). New to Wordpress. Am I best to just buy the Wordpress hosting plan? or is it a case of im wasting money on something I can do/install myself and I should just get the starter+ or freedom+ plan instead?

    • Yeah you can just install yourself.

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      Have used a non-wordpress account for wordpress hosting, can confirm works fine.

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      You don't need to get a wordpress hosted account. Any of their regular cPanel accounts will run it.

      Not a fan of WP, but I'm assuming their WP accounts just have the software pre-installed and ready for you (check that, but it would make sense). Price slots sort of between their starter and freedom regular accounts anyway, so it really doesn't make that much of a difference.

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      starter+ or freedom+

      WP is a resource hog, you'd want the plan with most CPU and memory you can afford for a business e-commerce store. Starter plan wouldn't be enough once you start piling on the inevitable plugins, themes and extensions. Freedom would be okay.

      Also take note, Wordpress & Woo Commerce is a clever business model. "Free" sounds awesome, but it's an illusion. To achieve even basic levels of customisation for things like shipping options or product filtering or google shopping integration, and other "basic" things, you'll be getting your credit card out and signing up to the subscription prices for each individual plugin or extension that delivers the feature you want. Some of the prices are unreasonable considering what you get in return - things like dynamic search boxes, product filters and so on.

      Some of those paid extensions are by the makers of WooCommerce… they know exactly what they're doing in order to extract money from you in an ongoing manner. And if your subscription lapses, they go to great lengths to scare you into renewing, even if technically you don't need to. On the flipside of that, is that any small business should be able to absorb those costs, but it's something to keep in mind if say you're a sole trader with hardly any sales, or you just don't like paying too much for things.

      • What would you suggest as a good alternative? Thanks!

        • Consider Basic Shopify - purpose-built from the ground up for ecommerce.

          $29 USD per month isn't cheap, but from personal experience building sites with it, it's great value that includes so much done for you:

          • online store
          • fast hosting
          • security
          • 24/7 technical/account support (maybe not 24/7 chat)
          • first class knowledge base, tutorials, content
          • ssl certificate
          • payments handling

          Not perfect by any means, but so much faster to get set up when you're starting an ecommerce store from scratch, and you want to launch quick and look good.

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            @Member 0230: Thanks mate, I actually have used Shopify before but I need a website for a music project which will only have merch sales going every 2-3 months, so having such a large monthly cost doesn't really work well for this situation.

            Shopify is great though for more active stores! I wish it were a little more affordable, or had an option for a percentage basis for these situations.

            • @snoopydoop: Yes agree, lower volume / lower value sales are not going to be as well catered for by Shopify.

              I do wonder though if Shopify Lite is worth exploring as a complement to your WP store, possibly replacing one or more paid components?

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                @Member 0230: That could be an interesting option, especially because I'm familiar with the platform and I am a noob! Thanks for this, wasn't aware of them offering this.

        • What would you suggest as a good alternative?

          I wasn't necessarily saying to avoid WP + WooCommerce, but pointing out the costs can creep as more plugins added. WP can also be extremely irritating unless you know how to suppress the annoyances.

          As for other options, personally I would never recommend Shopify in any form, "light" or otherwise.

          My favourite drop-in e-commerce solution is Snipcart. They are based in Canada and have been around for awhile. It wouldn't surprise me if Shopify saw what they were doing and realised they needed to get in on the drop-in e-commerce solution.

          With Snipcart, you can use all features for free in test mode for as long as you like. This includes the full process of buying things with a credit card - they give you a test card number so you can test end to end from customer point of view. It destroys Shopify Light in terms of features and flexibility. You do need a website to start with, which could be as simple as you like. Then just drop in the code from Snipcart on each page where your product is listed. Easy as. More advanced users have the option to take it further, their API is impressive. Very clever stuff, and is an example of modern web technologies put to good use for small business website owners. Whether the 2% fee on transactions is acceptable is up to you.

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    Their customer service is top , would recommend.

  • Thanks. Work with a not for profit who are paying over the odds with Crazy Domains, this will be a help.

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      To get the maximum benefit try to buy as much time in advance as you can afford. They'll allow you to purchase up to 2 years in advance, so that means you it potentially revert to the standard pricing until the expiry 2 years in the future.

  • I had an account with Zuver their cheap subsidiary however they have now amalgamated so was looking around for a basic yearly cost and found https://hostmate.com.au/web-hosting to be very similar to what Zuver offered.

  • For anyone looking for an equivalent to the old Zuver plans you can build one and get it pretty close to the original renewal pricing.

    Go to this page and choose the following specifications depending on what plan you want. These plans are not an exact match as you'll get unlimited on all other features which did have restrictions. Ticket support only like you used to get with Zuver.

    Zuver Plans: Web Hosting

    • Disk Space: 10GB
    • CPU: CPU
    • Memory: 1GB

    Original Zuver Pricing
    Monthly: $3
    Year: $36

    VentraIP 70% off First Invoice Only

    Year: $32.40
    Year 2: $64.80

    Zuver Plans: Web Hosting + Power Pack

    • Disk Space: 20GB
    • CPU: CPU
    • Memory: 1GB

    Original Zuver Pricing
    Monthly: $6
    Year $72

    VentraIP 70% off First Invoice Only

    Year: $50.40
    Year 2: $100.80

  • No deal for renewals?

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      They have renewal deals once or twice a year.

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