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MONO Electric Bike Mountain Step Through Plus (48V 15AH, 720WH) $1399 Delivered @ Move Bikes


Motor: High torque 250w Brushless Rear Drive Motor
Speed: Max. Speed Up to 25 Km/h (Australia Legal Speed); Can unlock speed limit to 32Km/ h.
Battery: 48V / 15Ah Li-on Lithium

Frame: Super Light Aluminium-Alloy Frame
Front Fork: Lockable 100mm Suspension
Gears: Shimano Altus 9-Speed Cassette with Shifter
Brakes: Front & Rear Disc Brakes 180/160MM
Handler Bar: 71 cm Aluminium-Alloy Bar
Wheel & Tyre Size: 26” x 1.95 KENDA TYRE

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      So don't unlock it…

        • +6

          "The fact that it is unlockable makes it illegal, at least in VIC it does"

          you're covering an entire state with your comment.

          another quantity over quality post count for your monthly report :/

          • @SBOB:

            "The fact that it is unlockable makes it illegal, at least in VIC it does"


            The comment in that thread is about use on public roads and public land…

  • Is this legal in Sissy Australia?

  • any independent reviews on those ?

    • Sure…

      They look "Ugly"…

  • +1

    High torque and 250w shouldn't be in the same sentence….

  • +1

    how heavy are these electric bikes?

    • 21 Kg

      (Not including the rider…)

  • OP what is the amount of torque?

  • Can you even get fit on one of these bikes if it does all the work?

    • +1

      They don't do "all the work", they're only pedal-assist, they just help you along a bit…. and yes they can be a good workout it all depends on how much effort you want to put in… At the end of the day whatever gets people out about and moving, get the heart rate up and such, it's all good….

    • Yes

    • -1

      It certainly move active than sitting in your car seat + you can turn the assist down if you want to work out
      … but you are right if fitness is your primary aim just use a normal bike.
      They are also heavy and unwieldy many real cyclists hate them for good reasons.

      I think its a matter of if its too hard some people won't cycle at all so ebike is a "gateway" drug to actual exercise.

      I use my e-bike to reduce cost of commute and for fun.

  • Anyone got any insight into a crank motor vs rear motor? JV, love ya weird head…but you can sit this one out.

    • I have both, the mid drive motor is a more natural feeling power to me, it applies power based on how hard you are peddling, the more effort you put in the more power that is applied. The Hub drive motor applies power as soon as you apply pressure to the pedals, as long as your legs are moving the motor applies power. Where this is noticeable is if you are stationary with one leg on the ground and happen to apply weight with the other leg on the pedal, the bike can feel like its going to take off, this is a lot less noticeable on a mid drive motor. That is purely my observation.

      That being said, a hub drive motor e-bike is generally a lot cheaper than a mid drive. I had one of these bikes delivered today for my wife, the bike is basic compared to my Focus Jam2 but its seems great value for money to get members of the family outdoors.

      • Cheers, what about strength / longevity?

        Looking for something that can handle a bit of impact when riding downhill trails…Well need it to help get back to the top. Will a rear hub handle it? Also, if I bend the back wheel, is the whole drive hub stuffed with it?

        • For that type of thing it "seems" mid-drive is better because it runs through your gears, a hub drive is like a direct drive on the rear wheel….

          (FYI: I've recently built a mid-drive bike and that's all I've used, I've never used a hub-drive so I cant offer any real experience)

          • @FLICKIT: Good point re gears. I'll keep my eyes open for a good mid drive unit. Will probably follow your lead and add my own.

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