[Price Error] Any 2 Items for $5 (e.g. 2x Coffee Machine $5) + Delivery (Free with $100 Spend) @ Cheap as Chips

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Discount applies in shopping cart and works on anything storewide… add 2 items to cart… includes coffee machines, drills etc

Some categories:

Mods: Orders have been cancelled and refunded.

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Cheap as Chips
Cheap as Chips


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    Surely this is an error?

  • I'm not seeing this anywhere OP. Where did you see this?

  • "We don’t offer shipping to Western Australia."

  • is this real?

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    I even put 2 TVs in the cart - almost $600 went to $5.

    Yeah right…

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    I don’t feel safe putting my details through just to have my purchase cancelled

  • No way this is right.

  • Ordered 2 X Prinetti Robo Vac Black and While for AUD $18.53 inc shipping, see how we goes. LOL.

    • Lol. Did exact same. $5 pickup at a store near wifes work. Might get lucky and the order will get through so she can pick up this arvo. Won't hold my breath though.

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    Managed to get two Teslas, delivered for free. Thanks OP

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    got 2 one bedroom apartments for $5 including shipping, thanks op.

  • It's been fixed. Those who attempted to unrealistically order anything should expect cancellations.

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      it was up for at least 1hr prior to my post :p

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    Thanks op. Got 2 stripper poles for 5 bux

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      Now you just need 2 strippers!

  • Placed an order but I guess they will cancel :P

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    I'm retiring with my multiple 58 inch TV's at $2.50 each .
    I owe you another beer Mousey .

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    As an aside, I find it quite weird that stores like Cheap as Chips and the Reject Shop are allowed to be open as normal in Melbourne during our stage 4 restrictions, but Big W/Kmart/Target are only allowed to open for click and collect…

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      They go and buy masks, sanitiser or food items and claim they're a grocery store and providing essential goods. Basically the answer given by my local "discount" store when asked how they were open.

      • But you can buy masks, sanitiser and food items from Big W (and formerly K-Mart but I think they've stopped that side of their business now).

    • They didn't put milk and a few loafs of bread at the front of the store .
      . `^ so dumb not setting up an essential business they can hire me for a mth to work it out for them for a mil .

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    Ordered a lawn mower and battery … We will see how it goes

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    Expecting major cancellations

    • Its the Covid lockdown extra special . Promo value 2 mil :)

  • Refunded lol didnt expect it to go through

  • Apparently my click and collect order has been picked up?

  • Damn. Just got refund. Wasn't expected. /s

  • Just had order cancelled and refunded

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