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[Prime] Eye Massager $31.99 Delivered ($35 Coupon Apply on Checkout) @ IHELOLAU Amazon


Deal is back with $5 less coupons, new price is $31.99 after applying coupon (there is $35 coupon available for PRIME members only).

Here is another one for $35 —> https://www.amazon.com.au/ICLEVER-Massager-Bluetooth-Recharg...

Thanks to "Love_A_Bargain" for providing this link.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Hope it helps with headaches:)

  • arent these the ones that spontaneously combust?

    • I am not sure , I will be trying it to see if it helps . I was planning to buy Renpho eye massager but this is less than half price of Renpho , so can't resist.

      • Renpho is a bit more reputable.

        Not sure if you want to risk your eyes on a cheaper unknown brand

  • What the code

    • there is no code, just click the $40 coupon if you have the PRIME Amazon account

      • +2

        I have Prime too and did not see the discount.

  • I am a prime member but I am not getting any coupon

    • +1

      I had to click on my account then go back and refresh the page for it to work for some reason

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    This is the the direct link to 50% off discount from a different brand íclever' though. https://www.amazon.com.au/ICLEVER-Massager-Bluetooth-Recharg...

    • That only makes the price $35 not $26.99 like this deal.

  • But it’s not coming down to 26.99

    • That's what I found when scrolling down from the original link (1/2 way down the page).

  • +1

    Not for me either. Prime member.

  • Its just 50% off for me.

    I only see get a $20 debit card if you use AMEX or Mastercard as default. Anyone done this?

  • I ordered, AMEX has spend $25 and get $5 back. So it's cost me $30 anyways which seems really cheap!

  • +2

    Got one of these last time. It's not bad, and does the job. No spontaneous combustion yet. Good value for the money.

  • +1

    got renpho instead, 59

    • How was it?

  • Back up now with a $35 coupon instead- https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08FHR3W6X

    • Thanks , updated the post

      • Annoying, but i cbf emailing Amazon for $3 esp when I managed to score a $20 gift card.

        I saw a banner saying use MC, or AMEX as default and customer service had no idea and asked for a screenshot and they approved it!

  • I received, haven't used it yet tho.

    I'll leave a mini review hopefully by Monday.

    Quality looks good tho.

    • I ordered before but still waiting for it.. expected to receive tomorrow. i would leave review too :)

      • +2

        I'm really happy with my purchase.
        The product feels like really good quality, some of the music choice is interesting tho.

        It gives a really nice eye/facial massage, the heat is warm only.
        I'm pretty impressed, I've used it twice and to be honest I'm looking forwards to using it nightly. This may be the best purchase I've ever made of Amazon!

        • +1

          I have used it too, but feels it's a bit noisy. Massage is good but unsure why I got some pimples (not sure if it's related to use of it or just random thing ) . Overall the product is good value for approx $30.