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[PS4] Dishonored: DE $7.48, Dishonored 2 $3.74 @ PlayStation Store


Dishonored: Definitive Edition
Released: 2015
was $24.95, now $7.48, save 70%
Historical low price
80/100 from 32 reviews
Main + Extras: 22.5 hours

Dishonored 2
Released: 2016
was $24.95, now $3.74, save 85%
Historical low price
88/100 from 62 reviews
Main + Extras: 22.5 hours

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  • +6

    Great games. I liked the story and atmosphere in the first game more but the second game had prettier locations and more replayability

    • +1

      yes strangely enough 1st one was way more interesting even thought everting about 1 was better executed in no2….weird that one

      • Well put.
        Loved the first one despite it showing it's age.

  • +8

    Dishonored 2 has 2 of the most creative levels I can recall in that type of game. Really worth a look.

    • +6

      I'm guessing the Clockwork Mansion and Stilton Manor

      • +3

        Yup, brilliant. The rest was good they were great. Especially the manor.

    • +2

      Snatching the cradle

      If anyone remembers. I feel old.

    • Level design & detail in Dishonoured 2 was outstanding!

  • +2

    no brainer purchase at this rate, even if you play it for 1 hour.

  • +1

    My favorite game by far.

    Are there any other similar games (great graphics, first person, but not hectic etc) that anyone could recommend?

    • I haven't played this one sorry, but I have had a lot of fun with Bioshock Infinite. Not sure how it compares to being hectic.

    • +3

      Deathloop by the same developers comes out next month, bit more actiony though

    • +4

      Maybe Prey, which is by the same developer (Arkane Studio)

    • yeah Bioshock is similar , very atmospheric 1 and 2….3 was great too but more generic and fun

  • Like others have said, great game series (I enjoyed the first one more).

  • +1

    Really enjoyed these games.

    Oddly tried to revisit Dishonoured 2 expansion on Gamepass and couldn't get into it.

    I found the control mechanism clunky and in particular the POV and walking unrealistic. I think games have probably come some way since these were released.

  • Its sad seeing great games selling at dirt price

    • +1

      How so? It's good to see low prices so more people are able to afford it

      • +1

        Hummm, you are speaking for the users, I am speaking for the creators

        • +1

          Perhaps but I think most the money is made around launch. A few years down the line and they probably have not many sales unless they offer large discounts. I also think the developers would appreciate more people having experience the game rather than less sales by sticking to a high price which would probably net the same amount of money

          • +1

            @FireRunner: Oh don't get me wrong, I am not against this, but it is still sad to see it happens inevitably

        • +1

          They're owned by Microsoft now, so they're far from suffering financially.

          • @Xenocaust: Not such a great position to be in as you imply.
            It could mean shutting down the studio if they underperform.
            Of course they're not going to account for older games but it could mean trouble if their new games don't meet expectations

            • @FireRunner: They paid $7.5 billion for Zenimax.

              They're not going to let anyone underperform.

              • @Xenocaust: They bought Rare Limited for $375 million in 2002. Games produced after were underwhelming and while they've not been shutdown but they make far less games of far less quality. They've left pretty much all of Rare's beloved franchises dormant

    • Why should players pay more for old games with dated graphics now?

  • +2

    A heads up doom eternal deluxe is $36.23 for the ps5

  • Metro Exodus standard is 12.95 with free PS5 upgrade.

  • +1

    Great post, love the formatting.

    Is Dishonoured 2 crap? Why is it so much cheaper?
    Appreciate the historical low price and how long to beat info.

    • +2

      No, it's great. Not sure why it's cheaper.
      It's the original game with more refined gameplay and more options but set in a different location while continuing the original's story.
      Story isn't as good imo and the atmosphere of the original is something else but it's definitely a great game

      • Is it a 'GOTY' or is the sequel missing some content in that pack?

        • +3

          The original is the definitive edition which includes all the DLC
          The second doesn't have any DLC

          There was "Death of the Outsider" which probably should have been a DLC but they decided to release it as a standalone game

  • fantastic series and storyline and there are multiple ways of playing it and you'd get different outcomes..

    reminds me of bioshock series.

    i say for little over $11 it is bang for buck if you have not touched this series yet.

    apparently netflix is working on a series adaptation for it.

    • netflix is working on a series adaptation for it

      No thanks

  • Amazing game… Platinumed both of them on PS4

  • Ps5: Dishonored 2 (Sticks to 30 FPS more closely than PS4 or PS4 Pro)

    • Yeah started playing last night but the 30fps is a bit too janky honestly

      • Maybe it can to 1080p @ 60 fps? That would be smoother. If it had an update patch to support higher frame rate and res I'd upvote.

        • Yeah that's the first thing I looked for :(

  • +1

    standalone DLC Death Of The Outsider is $10
    Or can get the Deluxe Bundle for $15 (includes base game Dishonered 2 + Assassin Pack)

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