Daughter's Debit Card Was Used Fraudulently Last Night $3,000, She Only Ever Used Apple Pay?

Last night my daughter received a txt from Commbank that her account was overdrawn. When she checked there were 8 transactions which started with $1 in a Woolworths in Sydney then others up to $699, all totalling $3000.

It took 2hrs 10min to get on to the bank after 4 disconnects and messages try again later, at 10pm (SA time) we finally spoke to the bank. The transactions were still pending and had to go through before they could be disputed, I advised this is fraud and nothing to dispute never the less the bank has 10 days to respond.

My daughter rang all the places in the morning and managed to cancel some transactions, one was a mower place in QLD. One local SA store provided as with the click and collect invoice, the name and address might be fake but the mobile number is correct as they notified him the order was ready to pickup. One store turn him away he looked dodgy and couldn't provide id.

My daughter never used her physical card and doesn't carry it around, it was linked to her apple pay wallet app so how does one get the card number, expiry date and CCV to make purchases online?

EDIT: The store that thought he was dodgy, took down his car rego

EDIT: 19 Aug 2021

The police ran the rego said it’s registered to a known criminal lives out north so they’ll go to autopro and review the footage of him collecting the order using the card for payment!


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      negger please

      • Was me, what's the problem? Your first sentence makes no sense, your second is extremely unlikely for this type of fraud spend and number of people impacted.

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          Why doesn't it make sense?

          Some places store your credit / debit card details and yes they can get hacked and used

          If someone takes a photo or video of your card it can be used online

          You can say it is extremely unlikely but that's an assumption

          Why you starting shit?

          • @Poor Ass:

            Besides of databases being hacked that keeps your card info and video footage recording the card's details

            Because it makes no sense!

            Not starting shit. I just neg comments I don't agree with or are incorrect. Isn't that what it's for?

            • @John Kimble: Besides from databases getting hacked from places that stored your credit card for purchases / services made previously


              Photos / videos taken of someone's card details from cctv or close by

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                @Poor Ass:

                Photos / videos taken of someone's card details from cctv or close by

                You've been watching too many movies mate. 😂

                Whilst that is technically possible to do, just not what has happened here.

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    I had some CBA Travel Cards renewed. When the envelope with the new cards arrived, I opened it, checked the contents, noticed they were different numbers (as expected) then put the envelope and contents in a locked filing cabinet. In other words, I did not validate or use the cards.

    Some months later I noticed charges against those cards! I had to go through the usual cyber-paperwork to get them refunded, but the bank was - unsurprisingly - able to offer any explanation how these card numbers were used.

    Sometimes I wonder how secure the banks really are when inexplicable things such as this occur…

  • I had my ING compromised, someone tried to test it by making a $1 transaction through Macca's. It was between the time I left work and the time I got home(about 15minutes). luckily I checked my account when I was home and called the bank quickly. I identified that each Macca's has a unique ID in the reference so you can tell if it's from the store you normally buy from or if it's somewhere else. It wasn't a store I've been to and not sure which store it was made from so didn't follow up past calling the bank to say I never made this purchase nor do I have any record or history on my app about this purchase.

    • I don't frequent Maccas; what could they buy for $1?

      Some on here would have immediately gone to that store and hunted down anyone with that item.

      • A Frozen Coke… any size is $1
        Same as Hungry Jacks

  • If it'd be been on credit card, I believe disputing would be much easier. With debit card, I think it can get bit tricky. Good luck with getting it reimbursed. One thing I didn't get is that i was under the impression that debit card should have access to everyday account balance only. Isn't this the case?

    • It may be a debit card, but it's a Visa or MasterCard debit card, which still goes through the credit system, therefore it's protected against fraud.

      Nothing tricky about it. It's treated exactly the same as a credit card.

  • Once you have a CC assume it is out there and can be stolen anytime.
    Get alerts on spend, check statements, etc.

  • Banks got insurance for these kinds of things, you should be able to get your money back, eventually

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    Happened to me before I saw the transaction go through "live" as i got a notification on my phone as soon as the amount left my account it was i think 2500-3000 at a JB-HI-FI. I called the bank (CBA) immediately and informed them of the fraudulent transacation. Long story short I got my money back but it was about after 3 weeks I think. Not going to say that its a nice experience but I knew 100% I would get my money back. You're probably just going to have to put up with waiting but don't fret your money is safe.

  • FKN BOGAN SCUM of Elizabeth I bet

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    How much do you put into the debit card account? I only have $100 in there and transfer if need from other saving account.

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    My understanding is that Apple Pay using the phone/watch does not communicate any details on the card, only a token which is used to process the transaction. With that in mind then the bad guys got the details some other way, or via a transaction that wasn't actually Apple Pay.

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    We as a store get these almost daily.

    We had to implement a card verification company at the cost of 1% of every sale.. sucks but at least we ship once we get approval within 24Hr

    I’ve just checked and there were 2 last night. $350 and $860, and they always pay express shipping to ensure stock is out the door fast. Neither approved so nothing was shipped. Also a pain as we need to refund the sales, readjust stock and blacklist IP’s

    Lockdown has brought many more of these type of people out.

    • Make an even faster shipping that costs absurdly more. That way, you will know for sure it's stolen!

      • We only charge $20-30 for express and offer free regular..

        Surprisingly half our sales are express shipping. I think with lockdowns people want their new hifi faster

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    I've had half a dozen fraud hits over a few decades, always got my money back, and I'm blase about it now. The biggest hassle is having your card cancelled, having to wait for a new one and changing linked accounts. It might be a data breach but I've been told by banks a lot of these frauds are electronic. Programs spit out value credit card numbers, and crooks go fishing with them on retail sites.

    Good work tracking it down with a lead on a rego number in SA. You're well ahead of the police.

    • The biggest hassle is having your card cancelled, having to wait for a new one

      Thankfully most card issuers will now instantly update your card in digital wallets (eg, cancel an ANZ card and you'll have the updated card in Apple Pay or Google Pay within 15 minutes), or even showing your card number in the app (Bankwest, Westpac, and the neobanks).

      Just need more websites and apps to accept Apple Pay & Google Pay rather than insisting on holding onto card details!

  • Replacement card sent to old address? Is her current card within a few months of expiry?

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    Maybe a card skimmer at the ATM. It's a much more likely way to have the card compromised than "computer hacking"

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    I was charged for a £10,000 fo a Rochester hotel advanced booking in 2017. I called the hotel reservation contact number directly and they refused to believe that its a fradulent transaction, instead adviced me to dispute the transaction with the bank.
    The rep on the reservation phone said people make the booking and make excuses like this to avoid paying the booking cancellation fees.

    I had to send my id and part of the credit card photo with my name on the card to make the hotel team believe it. They reached out to the party who made the booking and never heard back.

    That very moment, i remembered that i had filled the martial arts form for my son and i happen to know that the rep at martial arts also ran a small travel agency. I don't know if she was the one behind all this, but at the end, i let CBA and Rochester hotel do their job and they refunded the transaction.

  • My CBA debit card was compromised back in April and got an order $59 of Deliveroo in other city which I never registered. I did not notice it until receiving the statement. It is quite strange as it usually will pop up a message in the APP when I spend but not this time. It somwhow bypassed the notification and that makes me scared.
    I reported to CBA 15 days after the incident and still successfully got the money back after roughly a month time.

  • Anyone know if you can somehow get anz to send a push notification every time money in the account is moved around, this thread has me kinda spooked but the app doesn't seem to have any option for it which seems dumb

    • Hey mate, you can get ANZ to SMS you when money has left your account over x amount (I think minimum is $1.00), but you can only do it via the website and not app, under settings.

      • they only seem to have message support for oska payments coming out of your account on the website as well unfortunately

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