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Summer Ale Cans Carton 24 (6 x 4 Pack) $50 Delivered @ Two Birds Brewing


Last one sold out so they've started a new deal with just the summer ale. Be quick!

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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Two Birds Brewing
Two Birds Brewing

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  • +8

    Thanks - Its winter how about a nice dark porter TB?

  • Ordered, thanks!

  • Awesome got one thanks!

  • Nice find

  • Stock up for spring/summer , cheers

  • Thanx OP, got one.

  • +5

    Ahhh nice. Coping juice for home teachers.

  • already got 3 x cases in the garage…please no more booze deals!

    • +7

      Pick up your form mate..

  • I grabbed a couple. Thanks OP.

  • Grabbed one thanks

  • Awesome thanks op

  • +1

    They're fast! Bought 2 of the last deal, will skip this one :P

  • how's this passion ale beer? how different is this from their pale ale?

    • +1

      not bad. It has passionfruit flavour added (I think its from pulp or extract), quite nice. If you like passionfruit heavy beers like S&W Pacific ale you'll enjoy this

  • +1

    2 boxes coming to the porch soon, yeeharr!

  • Cheers, I'll give it a run. The last lot quite tasty

  • OOS :(

  • Gone whilst I was completing checkout!

    • Still 6in stock now.

      • Doesn't let you checkout though

  • Just got some, well, 5 minutes ago… thanks op

  • Damn, already gone

    • +1

      They've restocked.

      200 in stock again now

  • Same 😳

  • Sorry, we do not have enough "Summer Ale Cans Carton 24 (6 x 4 PACK)" in stock to fulfil your order (0 available). We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

  • +1

    Just looked and it went from 1 to 0 to 200 so assume they have restocked.

  • Looks like more stock was added?

    200 in stock

  • +1

    Hopefully as good as the pale ale. This was spectacular. And the courier broke a few bottles so they sent me a new case. Bought a case of the summer just because of the great support.

  • +1

    Not has cheap as little creatures deal.

    • Please can you share this deal? Thanks

    • +1

      yeh …that one doesnt count, price was 'rectified' within an hour and a half!

    • Not as mass produced nor corporate owned

      • +2

        Although obviously not in the realms of Kirin, they were recently dolf to Fermentum who own Fixation and Stone & Wood

        • Oh wow, this is news to me

        • Aaaaaand now sold to Lion 😢

  • Good job I rechecked this page and tried again - got a case, thanks!

  • Anybody got an order confirmation mail? I just got a payment receipt from paypal and nothing else

    • Yep

    • I did.

    • Only PayPal.
      Found in Junk.

    • Mine went to spam, check there.

  • waiting for a deal on their sunset ale

  • Thanks heaps :) got one

  • Nice 👌

  • +1

    Jeez, getting that transaction through was dicey, think I got the last one as just sold out.

  • +1

    All gone :(

  • +2

    56 at Dan's

    • Plus delivery

  • Oos

  • damn missed out

  • +2

    4x6 pack $50 watermelon some 54x stock left


  • +4

    Gutted I missed out on this one. Picked it up fairly regularly in the past, and cleaned out my local Dans and BWS when they went on clearance.

    Love the beer, real easy drinking.

    Comparison for those who haven't had it before, the closest in mainstream craft-beer would probably be a Stone & Wood Pacific

  • +1


    • Got this delivered today. Excellent.
      Passionfruit is subtle and overall pleasant beer. If you like their pale you should like this.

  • +3

    this is back in stock again @ $50 for the case - got one!
    says "59 in stock"

    GO GO GO

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