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50% off Selected Ray-Ban Sunglasses - RB4194 53 Black/Green Classic G-15 $89.50 Delivered @ Sunglass Hut


Plenty of other styles for a little more, with a couple more options below.

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    Suck it Luxottica Group! No one's buying sunnies hahahahaaaaa

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      Yeah. Don’t need that many of them sunnies inside the house

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    And 12% back on Cashrewards until midnight tonight.

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    I wear my sunglasses at night . I mean.. in the house!

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    Meh still too expensive

    • Agreed, $50 too expensive still

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    Yeah nah. I ordered two pairs of prescription sunglasses from here https://www.firmoo.com/ for slightly less then those ray bans. Including delivery. I haven't got them yet so can't comment on quality but shows what a rip off ray bans are.

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      meh, it's about making people know how much you paid for it and Rayban has done a good job on brand awareness already

  • Cancer council sunglasses are on par with the quality and they are around 50 retail, sometimes on sale for half that. Proper UV protection lenses and all that. Not glass, but still.

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      Plastic has better UV stopping abilities than glass.

      • That may be true, but it unfortunately doesn't last as long and gets scratched a lot easier.

        • polycarbon glass or whatever they call it is the go, outride glass is pretty heavy for sunglasses
          Love the maui jim lenses and quality , most pairs are massive for american heads :P

          • @G-rig: They both have their advantages. While polycarbonate is lighter, it's not as clear as glass.

            I need big sunglasses because I have a big head ( not American ) most hats don't fit me sadly.

            • @DisabledUser394460: Ha all good, I just couldn't find many styles that suited, the wrap arounds would be good for fishing etc. Sadly i lost a pair of really nice aviator Maui's a few years ago, graduated and polarised (sand island's), while they were a bit bigger and heavier they were awesome lenses.

              • @G-rig: Fuglies might be good for fishing. They are safety glasses but they have a piece of foam on them which makes them float ( you can take it off if you want ) and they are safety glasses so it it can't hurt having the eye protection. Polycarbonate lenses, I was thinking of getting some

                They also look to my untrained eye very generic and like a lot of other sporty type sunglasses

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    I quite like buying from sunglass hut as it is a luxottica brand so you will get genuine stock (as opposed to ebay retailers etc). I suspect a lot of these styles are 50% off regularly (eg I purchased rb4151 weeks ago for 50% off). for some of the styles you will find a certain colour/ lens combination here discounted while main rayban website shows more choices @ RRP. all of the luxoticca asia pacific distribution (even for the ones still made in italy) is via the luxoticca china hub now anyway but that is marketing i guess

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      i like ray ban as they are one of the few that have glass lenses in their product range and i can’t afford maui jim on a whim.

      polarised glass on a ray ban are a delight to wear.

    • You should definitely google luxoticca if you haven’t already. It is all marketing.

  • Sunglass hut are good to buy from, service and 50% off replacements if damaged etc.
    I know Ray-Ban aren't the best lens quality (and everyone has it in for Luxottica as far as monopoly and brand/advertising) but don't mind mine.
    Got some RB2132 349975 Polarised sunglasses (new wayfarer in matte, polarised) that are super comfortable and rarely reduced (certainly not 50% off). Anyway I wear them more than my Persols which are a decent amount heavier. Was lucky enough to claim back $60 on price protection but it's not often they are on sale (like with this deal).

  • Ordered RB4255. Thanks.

  • Does anyone have any idea where to get cheap prescription lenses for the frames??