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Free Shipping Australia Wide (Normally $9.90 SA and $14.90 for The Rest of AU) @ Charlesworth Nuts


Received an email this morning from Charlesworth Nuts for free shipping Australia wide using the code FD21 (normally $9.99). Yeah they are pricey but nothing beats a good bag of nuts (that's what she said…)

They are also selling their Showbags online as well, since the Adelaide show was cancelled.

They ship out of SA, so other states may take some time to reach you due to current restrictions.


This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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Charlesworth Nuts
Charlesworth Nuts

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    Haha you even beat the rep to posting this deal!

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    Yes you did - well played :)

    • Hahaha my bad =)

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        All good!
        Thanks for Showbag mention too - moving like hotcakes

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          Not a problem. Oh wow glad i got mine this morning!.
          Had to mention since the show was cancelled last minute which sucks, was kinda looking forward to it as well and have to admit the charlesworth bags was always one of my go tos.

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    Best nuts in the country!

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    Grabbed a monster showbag. Bit of a treat for many days and supporting the cause 👍

  • Hey rep, the showbags ad says that some show bags have been changed and that buys will get a free bag of chocolate apricots.

    Can you confirm that the website listing is what buyers will get and that buyers will get the 500g bag of chocolate apricots?


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      Hi voteoften,

      The buyer will receive a FREE 90g Bag of our Delicious Chocolate Apricots with every Showbag purchased.

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    Normal shipping price is actually $14.90 Australia wide - it's only $9.90 in SA (not $9.99).

    I was going to buy a showbag and some other stuff anyway, then when I went to place the order this morning, I got notified of free shipping!

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    Whatever you do, don't buy the chocolate covered chicos. They are evil tempting givers of diabetes that once started, cannot be stopped.

    Also, the chocolate covered licorice that looks like a poo.

    Damn them all! 🤤

  • Hey thanks OP. That's Dad's Father's Day present sorted. He always buys the show bag

  • ordered!

  • So all products are made in house?

    No chili corn, bugger, my local shop that stocked them closed due to Covid, like many shops did.

    Looks like I'm placing a order anyway, if I can chose what to get, too many choices, with some unique options.
    Happy to support a small business, wished I could buy more.

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    Hi Folks,

    Well, the last few days have been crazy! We've had such an amazing response to our Showbags combined with our Free Shipping offer, it's like nothing we’ve ever experienced before! We're so grateful to the thousands of people like you, who have supported us.

    We've had an overwhelming number of orders (about 15 times a normal week in just 4 days) and have brought in lots of extra people, working additional hours, to get these orders to everyone as quickly as possible.

    We just wanted to let you know that because of this, in some cases (not all), it may take a few extra days to receive your order.

    We apologise for the delay and hope you understand we're doing everything we can think of to get your order to you as quickly as possible.

    Thank you so much for your patience and understanding through this time. Your continued support means so much to all of us here at Charlesworth Nuts.

    Brett and Kain Charlesworth

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    Thanks OP and Charlesworth.
    I missed out on the variety Show bag, bugger.

    Ordered Fruit Pieces 500g (order 504081) and notice they have a competition going.
    WIN ALL 6 Charlesworth Nuts Show bags!

    Maybe worth adding to the Ozbargain comp section and refer a friend too?

  • Still haven't received my showbag. I think it's Australia Post's fault.

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