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Bamboo Boxer Briefs 8-Pack US$83.71 (~A$115.80) Delivered @ The Perfect Underwear


Similar to Step One but with less colour options. Already have enough, but thought someone else might benefit from the deal.

4 pack also available for $61.79 AUD

Mod Note: Updated price in the title to include US$11.95 delivery.

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  • Can anyone vouch for this over Step one?

    • Yes. Exactly the same. Just less colours as per my first post. They are the longer leg boxer style.

      • How stretchy are these, should you order the waist size you actually are, or one size smaller to allow a snug fit/stretching.

        • +1

          Order waist size you actually are.

          • @thedavemiester: I'm usually a 34 so ordered the 32-34 through Step One. Ended up getting the M size delivered which was too tight so had to send back for next size up. You may not have experience with this same issue but love to hear your thoughts on what I should order

      • Tks, I have thin legs and Step One suggest trunks over boxers.. but then again boxers are only 3cm longer so surely it shouldn't make much difference

        • I don't think it does. I prefer to wear the longer ones under jeans, but whatever I grab out of the drawer is fine.

  • +3

    On advice in another thread in ozbargain i tried the Kmart ones…

    I think they are more comfortable then Step One.


    • Yep. Kmart ones are good too. They are the shorter style.

    • I'll second this, i prefer the kmart ones. But make sure you get the bamboo ones, not the tradie/active ones.

      The active ones seem to be made of some kind of gortex that doesn't breath as well which is ironic considering they are purpose made for being active/sweaty

    • How do the $8 Kmart ones compare to the longer Step Ones? I have really chunky thighs so chafing is the main issue for me

      Edit: length wise

      • The kmart ones are similar to the longer cut of the step ones, which is preferably for us chunkybois.

        No riding up or chafing

  • Got a pair of red, white and black on an old deal sometime, maybe last year, where you could get 3 at a time for a discount. The red and black are holding up strong, but the white pair is threadbare and ready for the bin. From my experience, I would advise staying away from the white. You'd think the material would be the same, just dyed a different colour, but it is distinctly quite ratty now, whereas the black and red are still quite nice.