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Guinness Draught 6x330ml Bottle $10.90 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Dan Murphy's


$39.90 - Case of 24.

Earlier post in March the 6 pack was $13 for members only. Doesn't seem the membership applies this time.

At first you detect the wonderful magical tones of coffee & dark chocolate – that’s the roasted barley. Then you experience the sublime creamy velvety texture thanks to unique use of nitrogen pioneered by GUINNESS. Followed by the perfect balance of the sweetness from the malt, the roast character from the roasted barley and finally the bitterness from the unique hops.

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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  • Geez, good deal. I've only ever had Guinness on tap at a pub (remember them?) or in the big cans. Is it any different out of the bottle?

    Might grab a 6 pack to try with a view to going full-on slab if they are any good.

    • would pour it into a glass i'd imagine but who knows :)
      3,3 stars on the site

    • +1

      In my opinion
      * It's a variant - Draught
      * Label suggests drink straight from bottle
      * Have it at chilled temperature. Don't leave it at normal temperature for prolonged period once opened

    • +4

      It's quite different from a bottle but for me that isn't a bad thing. Same Guinness flavour to it but very different texture, feels alot lighter to drink with a little bubble to it,which changes the taste into its own different kind of Guinness. Great price to give it a try

  • +2

    Many reviews there mentioned this is nothing like the real Guinness and tastes chemical :S

    • It's not like the Original Guinness because it's a Draught beer rather than a stout.

      • Correct me if I'm wrong, but draught beer is just beer from a keg. So draught beer and stout are not mutually exclusive.

        • -3

          Draught is a style just like Lager, ale and stout are styles. Eg: West End Draught beer

  • +1

    Hopefully this is not brewed in China like the Asahi bottles…ugh.

    • Not relevant in this Deal.
      (Besides, Asahi Super Dry bottles haven't been brewed in China for ages.
      They're brewed in Australia - Asahi bought CUB. Still not as good as Japan brewed Asahi Super Dry 500ml cans.)

  • No stock anywhere nearby.

  • These are pretty shit out of the bottle tbh.

  • Taste like a watered down version of the famous stout. Price however is good.

    • Not as good as the Guinness stout cans, but not as expensive either.

      Worth a try. I was expecting dishwater but I was pleasantly surprised.

      • +1

        Definitely drinkable. I would buy at this price.

        • +1

          In it's own right it is a good dark beer for a cold night, but will never escape the comparison to Guinness original for obvious reasons.

  • -1

    This is not stout

    • Yeah don't think I'd be rushing to buy any, whether it's cheap or not. The cans are nice effect poured into a glass but pretty calorie dense beers. Not the stuff to drink in summer but running out of time for stouts now :P

  • These have been $39.90 for awhile. seems people are catching on cause I can't find them in my local stores anymore! 😢
    I don't mind them. Theyre more of a Guinness flavoured beer then an actual Guinness tho.

  • +1

    This is one of the rare times when I'll actually recommend can over bottle: Can/Nitrogen Guinness is easily superior to bottle/CO2 on texture alone.
    Otherwise a really good deal if you enjoy bottled specifically.

  • +3

    I just got mine 1 hour ago. I think that was the last batch in the area because everyone were asking at the counter when I went to pick this up.
    For $10 bucks the six pack is a bargain compared to a six pack of VB lol

  • Sold out in my area :(

  • This has been marked as out of stock, but the website says there is still stock at many stores in SA. Hope this helps.

  • Most people should only purchase the cans. They are brewed in Dublin and have the nitrogen widget inside.

  • As someone who enjoys a Guinness, all the "Draught" variants (cans and bottles) aren't very nice.

    If you want something that tastes more like real Guinness, try the Guinness Extra Stout instead:

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