Recommend Home Gym Multi-Station

Hi All,

Looking to get a home gym system to get some exercise back in my life.

Before anyone says go to a gym, I much prefer to exercise at home. Used to go to a gym but hated the commute.

Any brands to recommend? Looking to spend $1k max.

Are consumer grade gym systems rubbish and not worth the money?



  • Might help to state what kind of gym equipment you're after. Weights? Benches? Multi-station? Treadmill? Spinbike? Yoga mat?

    There's also a search bar that might assist you with some research. What have you found so far?

    • Oops, edited title to state Multi Station.

      Did a Google search but didn't have luck using ozbargain and whirlpool forums in my search.

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    Up the budget a bit…I'm thinking of getting a TYTAX T2-X when we eventually build our new home:

  • Would consider a single station if not possible with my budget

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    Power rack, adjustable bench, weights, and bar/dumbbells. Very versatile. With this setup you can follow a weights program online rather than stuck with exercises a machine offers.

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    get a power cage, olympic barbell, olympic weights, adjustable bench, rubber flooring

    thats all you need. i spent a little less than a grand for all that and have had it for over 7 years. you just need the space (i use my garage

    has paid for itself many times over and still looks new, if i ever sell it i could probably recoup 80% of it

    • Hey mate, any suggestions on an affordable squat rack/stand or space conscious cage?

      Looking to set up an outdoor gym so the benefit of a smaller rack that I can move indoors when not in use is appealing instead of trying to cover it with a tarp etc.

      • I bought a Lifespan PR1 power cage. looking online, i believe its discontinued and no longer sold anywhere

        you dont need to spend big to get results - $500 for a cage is enough

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    Power rack, bench, Olympic bar and plates, some kettlebells.

    If you’re limited on funds you can do heaps with body weight and or kettlebells only.

    • Are dumbbell-only workouts good too?

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