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[PC, Epic] Free - Automachef @ Epic Games (27/8 - 03/9)


Next week’s freebies from Epic games. As usual, available from Friday 1am AEST.

This week's free games - Yooka-Laylee & Void Bastards.

Next week's free games - Yoku's Island Express

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    I like these deals because they remind me to go and get the current free games.

    • +3

      I like to use the "Reminder" just above the "Related Products" section as it sends a notification on here to come get the game (or other deals as well).

    • +2

      I thought same but then just realised the only reason we need to be reminded is because they publish these deals so early, lol

    • +6

      I like these deals because I get something for free and I also get a Thankyou for it

      "Thank you for buying"

      You are welcome epic games any time you need my support for free stuff. I'm there.

  • +2

    Thanks, another free game that will never get played, but why not… its free.

    • +1

      Should try this one. Got it free from Amazon games, quite fun to play

  • +2

    I am currently playing A Plague Tale, very decent game. I might not play it if I have to buy it, but if its free I would certainly play it. a short game but very decent.

    • Felt like a really long game because of how repetitive it is. Decent game nonetheless.

    • That's the only one of these details I've missed, and disappointedly the only game i had heard of and would possibly put money down

  • +1

    I've played this one… kind of like a puzzle version of Factorio. Surprisingly decent, worth giving it a go!

  • +4

    I bought it for $2. I felt that I lost $1billion

  • +5

    I just went to the site and it has saints row 3 remastered free as well! Very happy Friday 😁

  • Just had a session of this. Was a good exercise for the brain, and from what I can see has many, MANY levels and a couple free update expansions thrown in (Japanese/Thanksgiving) outside of the main storyline.

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