Looking to purchase a camera for video work on YouTube

Hi Ozbargain,

I currently run a tech (engineering) channel on YouTube and am looking to upgrade my camera and setup in general to increase my production value.

Primarily, I'm looking to shoot video footage including B-roll via dolleys and stationary video on a tripod.

My budget is around $1500~ for a camera + lens (if necessary), ideally, I would like the camera to be able to hook onto a rode microphone and shoot in 4K30 but it's not a deal breaker.

Any recommendations on what sort of camera would suit my needs? I've seen the Canon M50 and M70 which look decent but would prefer to hear other's opinons.


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    I currently run a tech channel


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      I know a lot about PCs, software, networks etc yet wouldn't know where to start when purchasing a camera and lens.

      I see bargains for $1000+ cameras all the time and don't know if they are entry level or top tier. OP is just asking the photography community of OzB for their suggestions.

  • You could look into the SONY ZV-E10

  • Canon M6 Mark II

  • Check other youtubers doing similar things and buy what they use if you like the video quality. Assuming they has amazon affiliate links where you can find what they use

  • Don't even start thinking about a side-gig 😁

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  • I'm in a similar boat but haven't made a purchase yet. From what I can tell:
    The M50 has been popular but is dated now. 4k is poor and they may be ending that series of lenses.
    The Sony ZV-E10 is coming out soon and is very similar to the A6400, with some (notable) improvements for creators. The biggest issues people seem to have are:
    - 4k is cropped above 24fps
    - Stabilisation is very poor and has a large crop
    - Significant rolling shutter effect.
    - No viewfinder

    If those aren't an issue for you though, it's a much more modern design (USB-C charging/connection, works as a webcam, bluetooth control) and has a broad range of compatible lenses.

    ZV-E10 for $1299 with a lens. The M50 can be had for a fair bit cheaper though.
    Other cameras to look at within the Sony line would be the ZV-1 and the rest of the A6xxx series.

  • Use a smartphone first … wait till u get a few thousand subs, before investing further.

  • The a6400 with the kit lens is great. I find it much better than the Canon 70D which I also have.

  • Either a Fuji X-T3 or Sony A6100

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