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Almonds $12/kg + Delivery ($0 with $100 Spend to Select Area with Coupon) @ Nuts about Life


Found this while looking for dried fruit. Very cheap, especially for flaked almonds. ALDI has flaked almonds for $27.92/kg, Woolworths has them for $29.17/kg and Coles has them for $25.67/kg. Until stock runs out.

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Nuts About Life
Nuts About Life

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    Code not working, think you need to spend $100+ for free shipping

    • Their spin the wheel discount codes don't work on the Almonds either, no explanation why not…

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        Some of the products listed on the OPs link have this text:

        'Deal Corner' collection, are excluded from ALL promotions and discounts!

  • TAKEE10 for 10% off

    I usually buy the smoked almonds from coles, they are $7 for 400g. They aren’t the greatest though.

    Never bought from here before, so can’t comment on quality. Would like to know if someone has

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      I've purchased from them quite a bit. Quality is excellent imo. Unfortuantely can't combine codes which means you can't get 10% off and free shipping even if spending $100+. You need to work out which would be the best value since shipping can be a bit expensive.

    • TAKEE10 discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart

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    ordered the smoked almonds just few weeks back, tastes great but the almonds rather small .. noticeable smaller than the normal almonds you'd get from coles/woolies

    • I ordered some of these a few weeks back too. Not quite as tasty as the Coles and Woolworths varieties but I suspect it's probably just less salt.

      Still very moreish.

      Yes they are smaller but I don't mind that.

  • FREESHIP discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart

  • Bought 5 kgs. Thanks OP. Use referral code to get $10 off.

  • has anyone tried are they nice

    • tried smoky almonds… very nice !! placed my third order today after seeing this post.

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    I've ordered heaps from these guys in the past. All the 'raw' (as in unflavoured) fruit and nuts is all A grade, big and plump.
    I suspect they use the B grade stuff for their chopped fruit and flavoured/chocolate covered mixes.
    Still all good stuff. Upright individual zip-seal bags.
    Definitely worth building up to get $100 worth of stuff to get the freeship coupon to work, depending on distance. Kilos are 'spency these days.

    • +1 Agree, have done several large orders from them and the products are terrific.

      As a side benefit I am pretty sure one of the owners of the store was a longtime OzB member, like a member here BEFORE they established the store - I vaguely recall him posting asking members to give suggestions on the best names to use for the store.

      FWIW I strongly recommend the:
      - dry roasted almonds (these are so much tastier than raw almonds and great as a savoury or sweet snack companion)
      - wasabi almonds (very tasty, big wasabi kick means you can't eat too many each handful but they're great!)
      - smoked almonds (tastier than the wasabi, very more-ish)
      - chilli chocolate peanuts (these are great value and only very mild chilli)

      The only product I've had that i was underwhelmed by was the chocolate macadamias, found too many of the macadamias in the 2kg I'd bought were past their best and pretty ugh….choc is ok, the peanuts were better.

      If you use a lot of nuts, take a quick check of their bakery section - it has their 2nds stuff (much smaller pieces etc) - but you get bargains like 5kg packs of cashew pieces for $6.60/kg! Be aware buying stuff from that section too does seem to make crtain coupon codes ineligible (IIRC).

      They post really fast and everything is in top quality packaging so lasts in your pantry a long time.

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    Free shipping not valid to WA

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    Awesome. Bought $50 worth of nuts to replace the unhealthy chips …

    • Just keep in mind the nuts are even higher in calories by weight (but each calorie is at least healthier)!

  • Has anyone been to there Brunswick store..


    Café & Retail Store
    15 Hope Street Brunswick… Melbourne
    Open 8-5pm… 7 days

    Phone: (03) 9380 8789

    Unsure if they are open due to Victoria
    Covid lockdown

    Unsure if prices are the same.. Online & instore

  • Spent $50 + used someone’s referral code. $10 off which almost paid for shipping. I’ll give em a go.

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    Where are they from? Australia, California?

    It would be interesting to know how many litres of water per kg of almonds are used.

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      Country of Origin: Australia/ Imported

      It seems like the nuts are aus but the flavouring could be imported

      but yeah, its well known almonds are water hungry and you should avoid products where it screws the water table etc.

      but some people dont want to know how their meat is slaughtered so to speak

    • People get activated by almonds now? 😜

  • Sorry about the free shipping, I bought quite a lot of stuff and didn't even think of it. Thanks admin/mod for editing

  • Using the referral code is the best way to go. $10 off a $50 spend. Weirdly I place an order on Wednesday, including the smoked Almonds they are incredible.

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