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20% off for Pre-Approved Healthcare Industry and Emergency Workers @ Nando’s


The Healthcare industry & Emergency Service Worker 20% Offer

Receive 20% off Nando’s purchases for pre-approved healthcare industry and emergency services customers (including those who are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), doctors, nurses, paramedics, healthcare industry receptionists, police, fire officers, ambulance officers, aged care workers and correctional services officers). Offer valid at participating restaurants only. Must show your pre-approved healthcare industry or emergency services photo identification card, or demonstrate you are registered with AHPRA with accompanying photo identification at the counter with purchase to redeem offer. One offer per customer per day while stocks last. Not valid with any other offer unless specified otherwise. Excludes alcohol, catering, delivery and online orders. Cannot be exchanged or redeemed or substituted for cash. Subject to applicable laws, Nando’s may vary, update or terminate this offer at any time. PERi-Perks points cannot be earned or redeemed with this offer.

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  • It's a very welcome deal. Thanks nandos

    I forget to take my hang tag off when I went there with my daughter. The lady behind the counter saw it and gave me 20% off. It was very nice, I didn't even know this existed until then.

    • Yeah neither did I. I must say I've been there in uniform a number of times and did not get this discount. Maybe some employees don't know

      • The lady said it applies to all the support workers too. My team provides direct technical support to Covid contact tracers and hospital medical staff. She said we qualify. Very nice. Pity it's not available via the app :-) but fully understand why it is not.

  • pretty sure this has always been a thing, more liek a PSA than a deal

  • -1

    It should include people who have been vaccinated as well. It will help encourage more people to get vaccinated if they see the incentives.

    • +2

      I don't think even discounted Nando's will win the antivaxers over

    • +2

      No. Absolutely not.
      To the people who were mildly inconvenienced and gave up some of their time to go get jabs - thank you, it's really appreciated.
      But it is no way comparable to the RNs (nurses) and doctors who have, for the last 18 months, been working long days, often double shifts to get everyone vaccinated, attending to those who have contracted the virus, and all the additonal overhead that is now required for hospitals to be COVID compliant.
      This, on top of trying to provide the usual service level of healthcare to the community, covering for sick colleagues and those rostered on at COVAX clinics or on RDOs

      We need more people to keep getting jabs, so our frontline staff can start getting some normality back into their lives, socialing, spending time with family.

      Whilst it has normalised a bit since the initial panic, the staff still go home absolutely exhausted, get a bite to eat, get some kip and then get ready to face another day of endless amount of people complaining how long they had to wait, "is this really necessary", "are the rumours on facebook true", "why can't you come to my home instead", "why do I have to give up MY time for this","I'm someone mildly important, so I shouldn't have to wait" etc etc. etc.

      The biggest irony is that most of the frontline staff probably wont get the opportunity to take full advantage of the deal, unless they're on a RDO and most of them spend that sleeping and catching up on personal admin and family time.

      People need an incentive to get the vaccine ? Sure thing. Welcome to your new life being confined to home.
      If it wasn't clear, I'm not a fan of incentivising people simply to meet their obligations as a citizen, which are often ignored over the vain bleating of personal rights.

      Oh, and great promo Nandos. Much love.

      • +1

        I think you're spot on but I feel the government has done too little… Vaccines shouldn't be mandatory but I feel the government could've imposed higher tax rates on those that don't get vaccinated e.g. A 20% Tax rise across all income brackets for unvaccinated people (unless medical exemption) and the money raised gets ploughed into public healthcare system. After all those that don't get vaccinated will be a bigger burden on society/healthcare resources and that is down to their own selfish choice. For those that are on benefits they should not be able to access it unless they get their free covid vaccines (again unless medical exemption)….

        Some would say its harsh but we offer people options hoping they do the right thing and unfortunately people in this day and age are just too selfish to do the right thing. Sad time to be alive :(

        Edit: of course there needs to be ample supply of vaccines in the first place for the above style of government policy to be even considered

      • +1

        Not it mention all those in the background supporting the medical staff. All I can say is a lot of effort and emotion goes into aspects like contract-tracing too. With long hours.

      • What Nando's should do is have a donation box that they match 1:1 so ALL health staff can order from the kitty donated by the thankful clients of all those involved and Nando's corporate. PR explosion.

  • +2

    miss the 50% off last year

    But tbh the staff at Coles, take away, etc deserve it more. Silly they're not included.

  • +2

    Nice offer, but no use in many parts of Sydney at the moment, so hopefully offers like this can keep going until after the Sydney restrictions are lifted.

    Please excuse the rant, but I enjoy Nando's and can't buy it at the moment because my local store is in a different LGA. Therefore, I'm not allowed to pop in to grab some take away (even if I'm on my way to/from work).

    There's also a Nando's just down the road from RPA that I used to sometimes duck out to. But at the moment, we're not allowed to leave the hospital to buy food, see sunlight or go for a quick walk during our meal breaks if we come from a different LGA. Never mind that I'm double vaccinated and my biggest covid risk is from the patients and their family members who come in and are allowed to do whatever they want.

    I'm glad that Gladys keeps reminding us that we're 'all in this together', because it doesn't feel that way at the moment. The rules just seem to keep on getting tougher for anyone who's not from the northern or eastern suburbs.

    • I feel for you and others in Syndey. Hope your state passes this lockdown without more extensions. Been talks, Melb might have take away closed along with more restrictions. We wont get to have Nandos either.

    • Can't you get one of the wardies to pick up the food for you, with a photocopy of your NSW Health card ?
      Hope things start to calm down soon for you guys

  • Good deal, but would be nice if they included Defence personnel who are also on the frontline of the COVID-19 response.

  • Nice gesture from my favourite restaurant.

  • Confirmed still working 5/10/21.

  • When do points expire??

  • whabbout SES personnel?

  • +1

    Confirmed still working 29/04/2022.

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