Recommendations on a USB Type C Hub for Laptop

Just purchased the famous Xiaomi 34" monitor, looking for a USB hub to make the connection from my Asus ZenBook (USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C) to the monitor a 1 cable solution. I've already got a USB KVM switch to share my keyboard and mouse with my desktop.

Looking for advice on a Type C Hub that can deliver 65w PD to charge the laptop, a USB port for the KVM input and either a HDMI or Display port that will at least let me use the 3440 x 1440 resolution @60hz, @100hz and up is a bonus. Don't want to spend over $100 if I can help it

Thanks in advance.


  • Which ones have you looked at so far?

    • Mostly the ones on Amazon, managed to wade through some of the garbage and found this

      Wouldn't mind a hub that had a longer input cable so I could stick it to the underside of the desk though.

      Edit: really don't need that many ports though, but it seems to be how it is

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