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$10 off $25 Spend @ Deliveroo


$10 off $25 spend with Deliveroo

Valid for 3 days after redeeming


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Referral: random (861)

$12 off across your next 4 orders ($3 per order). Your friend will get $12 off across their first 4 orders too. Minimum order $20 + Delivery.

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  • +4

    Targeted, not working for me

    Edit - tried with caps and got it to work

  • "Sorry, that code doesn't seem to be valid"

  • +13

    Try EATPIZZA, Seems like it’s caps sensitive. Worked for me fine, thanks :)

    • This worked for me!

    • Same. Thanks - that worked for me.

  • I can confirm it only works when entered capitalised – EATPIZZA

  • Fixed!

  • CAPS worked for me

  • worked for me just now. thanks

  • Worked for me! Thanks op!

  • Works! Thanks OP.

  • Beautiful, added in the promo code section and worked

  • Worked for me! Thanks OP :)

  • Worked, don't think it's targeted.

  • Only worked for one of my accounts.

  • Thanks!

  • Works for one of my accounts

  • Worked

  • +1

    Does Deliveroo charge a service fee like Uber Eats/Menulog?

    • +12

      NO, which is why I prefer using Deliveroo

      • That's great, I'll give them a try!
        Normally these days I use Doordash (I'm always targeted for 15-20% off and only 2% service fee) but might be a new contender

        • +1

          Another reason is that they're running a $1 delivery fee promotion(Depends on your location), which is much affordable than other companies.

    • I think only for low value orders. Just ends up being an incentive to order a little more I suppose.

      • Yeah I actually understand that though, because people were ordering a $1 coffee with only a $2 delivery fee and obviously that's not profitable.

        Charging you more in fees for ordering more though just seems wrong.

  • +11

    Prefer Deliveroo as well, those $1 delivery offers have been awesome!

  • it works for me thanks ;)

  • thanks op ordered lunch

  • +1

    2 kebabs for $16 delivered, nice! thanks OP :)

    • One of the greatest inventions.

  • Worked, thanks

  • Tomorrow's lunch sorted. Thanks.

  • Thanks OP - lunch sorted

  • Thanks OP. 2 x Kebabs and Garlic Bread delivered for $15.

  • +2

    I don't want to order now.. But maybe in the next couple of days.. Where can I enter this code to add it as a credit?

    • +3

      Under Voucher and Credits section, Add Promo code

    • +3

      In the app. Account (top right) -> Vouchers and credit

    • +2

      You can only do this on the app, not on the website. Add it to your account on the app.

      • +1

        If you checkout with a web order, you can apply the code. If you don't want to use it right away, don't proceed with the checkout. The credit will show up under your account

    • Oh damn! Just saw all your replies.. Went to wash the car in the glorious weather! Now I miss out. At least I have a nice clean car! 😁

  • Thanks OP 👌

  • Thanks op!

  • +1

    Thanks. Got bagels for breakfast with Ubereats. This tipped me over the line to get bagels with Deliveroo for lunch

    • +8

      I'll keep an eye out for more deals so you can have Bagels for dinner.

  • Deliveroo made a pass as well. Ew

  • Thanks OP - pre-ordered the dinner.

  • +8

    Entered with all caps and still receive the message, 'Sorry, that code couldn't be applied to your account'.

    • I think its targetted

    • Same here :(

  • Cheers OP.
    This will be handy over the next couple of days.

  • +6

    Why does Deliveroo not consider me worthy.

  • Targeted. Tried lower and upper case.

  • +5

    Aww… “Promotion code EATPIZZA is not valid”

  • +1

    No go for me either

  • Does this code still works tomorrow??

  • +3

    Targeted or expired. One of them

    No go for me :(

  • +1

    Worked for me, not the Mrs.
    Code EXPIRED.

  • +1

    not working for me

  • Damn, over?, was looking forward to getting some Red Rooster tonight.

  • Thank you so much OP!

    Just bought Maccas McValue Box for $19.45 Delivered

  • +2

    this is meant to be for St Kilda supporters only so enjoy and sign up for 2022..

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