10% Sale at Temple and Webster (Every Product Priced Jacked by 10%)

I've been browsing furniture and recently T & W put up their sitewide 10% sale - and I've been noting down prices for furniture in the last 30 days for items that I need and this business has jacked all their prices up 10% leaving no genuine sale. Another unethical company identified.

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    Have you got an example? I had a look at a few on the wayback machine and prices seemed the same before the discount?

  • I ordered a few things with this sale and the items prices didn't go up

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    They would be playing with serious fire if they have done this. It’s core ACCC to go after an organisation that might do this stuff.

  • Do you have evidence?

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    Are you confusing a consolidation of discounts. Like before this sale, some individual items you were watching could have had a discount of 10%.

    So a desk $100 at $10 off would have been $91. Now they have a site wide 10% off, they removed the individual 10% off.

    Advertised as 10% off normal prices isn’t the same as 10% off already discounted items.

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    If it went up 10% then down 10% you're still saving money.



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