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SodaStream Spirit Starter Kit $29 (73% off) @ Little Birdie


As part of Little Birdie's pre-launch offer, 500 available up for grabs. It will be released randomly tonight between 6pm-11:59pm.

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Flashback to eBay Plus mega deals 😅


What time are the special offers dropping?

We don’t have any specific time to share as when we will release each offer. As much as possible, we want to stay fair to all members of our community. These offers will be released as soon as it will be deemed available by our marketing department. At the moment, we are unable to share a specific time of release: this is to make sure the legitimate member of our community will have a chance to really get those wonderful deals.

For those reporting the post, the Dominos offers were released randomly and pre published as well, so I believe this deal should be valid

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  • +1

    The launch event drops look pretty enticing - but I just know that I probably won't be able to snag anything in time :/

  • Hard luck

  • +8

    I suppose it's a nice way to annoy your potential customers by making them sit by their device for 6 hours.

    • +1

      You have the choice I'm using just to ignore it and save your time .
      BTW I'm still overloaded with the last 2 Ebay + drops of this .

    • +2

      You assume it won't be bots? "randomly tonight"

      Bots dream right there.

  • +2

    Can't work out if this site is just a thinly veiled advertising platform or a decent alternative to Camelcamelcamel / Ozbargain….

  • There will probably be a lot of angry people if they wait until 11:59pm and it sells out in a minute or two.

    • are you kidding? I doubt it will sell out in seconds like the ebay deal

  • +1

    FYI to who is Little Birdie. A lot of money for a website with deals!! haha


    • +1

      And doesn’t the CEO just look chuffed about it!

      • +6

        He looks very smug indeed. I bet he's gonna score himself a SodaStream for $29…

    • Shame ozbargain couldn't get integrated like that. Would like to see these guys make more since they've been around so long.

    • +2

      ‘Jon Beros’ sounds awfully similar to another CEO…

  • Paging dealbot to code a bot for us to snag this ?

    • doubt

    • Just get one of those content change notifier browser extensions that refreshes the page every minute and pops an alert if a change is detected.

  • Is the spirit the version with glass bottles?

    • +1

      No. The glass model is the crystal.

  • Little birdie is ozbargain + price hipster ?

    • more like price hipster on steroids..

  • Legit?

  • -3

    Anyone knows when they drop this? It doesnt say the time on the website

    • +2

      Read the OP

      • +1

        Oh shoot ahahh, thanks, scrolled past it 😹

  • So whats the go? we sign up now? or later to claim it?

    • +1

      Sign up now and wait

      • +2

        And close account once you've missed out on the deals.

  • +1

    So we just have to be logged in for the pop up? Seems a lot easier than Click Frenzy at least.

  • Yikes! Not a good start if we have to wait and sit 6 hours for the deal to pop up.

  • Prob a bit irrelevant But are the SodaStreams any good? Like cheaper/more expensive than soft drinks in general? And are they only good for people who want soft drink without sugar?

    • +1

      They are decent

    • +1

      We use it for sparkling water and apple juice. They have sugarfree ones but the syrup costs almost as much as soft drink.

      • Thank you for the feedback! Yeah I was worried it was one of those things where the “refills” costs too much to make the whole thing worth while and something I would just have a go because it’s new…..and a week later leave it at the back of the cupboard…

        • +2

          I vaguely remember the cost of CO2 canisters equalling out to about the same cost as just buying Coles soda water, but the Coles water is a better deal because the Sodastream bottles are smaller.

          I was looking into buying a Sodastream at the time but it just doesnt seem worth it.

          • @DisabledUser394460: Besides, it will never taste as good as soda that's been made at the factory.

            • @Mondorock: True .. the SodaStream soda has a 'harshness' about it IMHO

    • +1

      I reckon this model (Spirit, "snap-in" fitting for the Sodastream bottle) is not as efficient as the Jet ("screw-in" fitting for the bottle).
      More gas seems to be wasted by the Spirit, but it's easier to use.

      Colesworth no-name fizzy water is about 80c/L. I think at worst (RRP for the refills, room temp water, lousy technique) it was about 40c/L. Ours costs me about 9c/L (2.4kg CO2 bottle refill $25). It's definitely cheaper even if you pay RRP.

      I think the biggest difference is not carting around 12 x 1.25L bottles of water, then recycling etc.

  • +9

    Monke voice: "where sale?"

    • "It will be released randomly tonight between 6pm-11:59pm."

  • +2

    Anyone familiar with previous flash offers at Little Birdie: whereabouts do they post it? Is it on the launch event page or front page?

    • +1

      It's a new site so nobody knows.

  • +13

    Any mention of the sodastream sale has left the website. I hope we weren't conned into signing up.

    • haha. You've been done mate!

    • +1

      back now but still doesn't work

  • +2

    funny the link to the sodastream also disappeared

  • +2

    Banner's back, Says "Coming up tonight"…

  • -1

    I'm very worried for the future of this website. They don't support any large shops like Ebay, Amazon, Dell or Lenovo which I suspect is because they are working through affiliate marketing and other monetization.
    The page looks too busy and doesn't look very pleasing with the layout and contrast and loads slowly.
    The page takes 9.5 seconds to fully load, a site should load in 3s otherwise people will click away.
    Images are not compressed and are 1.84mb bigger than they should be.
    There is almost a second of Render Blocking JS and CSS scripts.
    It scored an F of 14% for GTMetrix which is the worst I've ever seen. Total Network Payload of 4.52mb is massive
    May improve from here but it looks like a hasty job I hope they can fulfil these promotions!

    • You have no idea what you are on about, you donut. Check Ebay on GT -


      I guess you are worried about their future too…

      • +1

        Ignoring my criticism of the website loading time, the site still looks like a cheap version of pricehipster with very few shops selection and busy white on white content with no contrast or boders.
        I am worried about eBay for other reasons. If they continue hiking fees which are already at 10% a cheaper solution like Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree will cannibilize their business.
        If you run the test the same as I did you will find their score is passable and only has medium severity problems.

        • +3

          Gumtree is owned by Ebay.

          • @Wolfy: Yes I know that, but 99% of Gumtree posts don't pay commission or advertising fees which is why they funnel users to eBay after listing on Gumtree.
            Jon Beros didn't tick associated, its the only reason a Ozbargains user who hasn't commented since joining in 2018 would suddenly defend a random website. 1976 also checks out as his year of birth.

    • +3

      I agree with you as a user, the website looks too busy, takes a longer time to load. I saw eBay on their website before but not anymore.

      • +2

        Jon Beros didn't tick associated, its the only reason a Ozbargains user who hasn't commented since joining in 2018 would suddenly defend a random website. 1976 also checks out as his year of birth.

    • I'll tell you something funny for free that might make you laugh. I'm probably as shît an Ozbargainer as you are a Detective or self proclaimed Web Security expert, or whatever it is you pretend you are online. (Learn about caching and cloud hosting by the way, that will explain why GT scores don't mean much, but you should know that already shouldn't you?)

      So, I went to get my Sodastream when it went live, put my code in, the site rejected my PayPal for some reason, I entered my credit card and BOOM! Bought myself a full price SodaStream for $109. It deleted the coupon code between attempts. Haha. I wish I was as clever as you and your bargain basement ways. Never mind eh! x

  • Whelp, the mindless refreshing begins.

    • Nothing better to do until midnight? 😂

      • He just really wants the 73% off. Given my experience with eBay Plus and Click Frenzy I feel this will be very tough to get.

      • Not really, just watching some doco's and refreshing the site from time to time

    • Weird, the banner's gone again

      EDIT: Deal live now!

      • +1

        They are playing with the website design it has moved up and they are working on the layout to make it responsive to monitor size.
        Looks like they do listen to feedback even if they flame you for it.

  • +14
    • Thank you, cheers
      Got one!

    • Got one because of this comment, thank you <3

    • Well there you go. Actually got one. Thanks mate.

      Gonna keep this one downstairs in the home office.

  • Got one thanks

    • +2

      it’s unique so don’t share it if you want to buy one

      edit: resolved

  • Got it

  • got one, thanks!!

  • Got one thanks

  • Got one (at least ordered, took my money, now we see what comes in the mail)

  • Got one

  • how to enter promo code?

    • There is a field on the mydeal site

    • +1

      At the final payment, there is small message, do you gave a code or something.
      It's small and grey, not easy to find.

      • I did a web search to find the place it is too small to find it

  • Got one!

  • got one

  • Coupon code is no longer valid

    • you didn't get the code or code doesn't work anymore?

      • Got it, thanks

    • +1

      Press claim another unique code.
      Will give you another one

    • Don't tick the square box until you use it.

  • Got one thanks OP

  • Got one thanks OP.

  • Got one. Process was a little strange, had to get different coupon codes as they kept saying no longer valid

    • +1

      Hi Pavle,

      Thank you very much for the feedback and congratulations on scoring a code.

      Would it be possible to get you to submit a ticket to our support team about your experience?

      Mainly around the code(s) you got originally and the error you were given on the site for redemption?

      Help Centre Support Form

      I'd love for the next offer you claim to work first time! We've got quite a lot still to come so hopefully we can make each smoother than the last (Same for anyone else who has had this experience)

  • Got one, thanks.

    Got it to work on 2nd code.

  • +2

    Also got one. Red though… Have a bright yellow one that I got for $40 from the reject shop. One day I'll get a normal colour one…

  • Got one fingers crossed it's both excepted & arrives in mail.

  • Thanks op, grabbed one

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