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[Pre Order] NBA 2K22 $79 (PS5 / Xbox Series X), $69 (PS4 / Xbox One) Delivered @ Amazon AU


I personally get excited about this game each year and enjoy picking it up at launch.

Pre order NBA 2K22 on PS5 and Xbox series X, pretty good price for launch, includes delivery.

Series -

It is also $69 on both PS4 and Xbox One

PS4 -



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  • What's the verdict

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      If it's anything like the last one the gameplay will be such boring grinding to incentivise micro transactions and if you play multiplayer, other players will run rings around you unless you follow a precise build.

      The last game had no match making so pick up games were lobby based and you could just… run out of courts… In 2021 a multiplayer game would just have you WATCHING THE OTHER GUYS PLAYING while you wait in line and if an event was on you can be damn sure that the courts are all full.

      I'm not going to, I shouldn't have bought it last time but a friend wanted to give it a try. Don't fall into the trap and reward garbage

    • shrug it's not even out yet. I'm giving it a miss, I bought 2K20 when it was going really cheap just to try it, then preordered 2K21 just to get the experience from the start of the game. I'll likely give 2K22 a miss and play a bit of 2K21 career mode since I barely touched it so far. If they actually do something with the game I may buy it again in the future.

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    I find it offensive that there is a $10 premium for the XSX/PS5 version…

    • Same thing happening in the US. $10 extra USD for PS5/XSX version

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      I'm more offended that it's only $10 cheaper on the PS4 and Xbox One. It does look a lot nicer on the PS5 X|S.

      • Okay that's a different take…

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    Pricing on these games falls as fast as nearly any game out there. The 2021 PS5 version started out at maybe $120? Was recently $18.

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      Yes all sports games that have a yearly cycle drop like that. Depends if you want to play with any new features and updated rosters. Price drop usually takes 6-9 months.

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    I'd still wait for black friday. I did that mistake with FIFA last year

    • Not a bad suggestion, but I'll probably grab on release, it might get a $10 drop on Black Friday.

      • FIFA dropped to $34 on black friday and I bought for $69 on launch. It was half the price. Obviously it's a gamble

  • For the people who buy this game every year, what do you do with your old game? Isn't it basically the same game with slightly better graphics?

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      I just add it to the collection. It's mostly the same, some years they add extra features, enhance gameplay, and of course updated rosters. My favourite year was 2K11, when they added MJ and included the MJ challenge.

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      Find a buyer two weeks prior and hopefully sell for $20ish

    • 🐻 I buy it for my younger brother every year (usually $69) & sell it to him for $50. When he's done playing a season he gives the game to me & says he's done with it & I list it for $49.99 on ebay—all the DLC codes are unused. I list it as Like New with all pre-order bonus codes & it's never failed to sell. One time, the game had already been out for six months, I just couldn't be bothered to list it early & it still sold. The lure is the bonus codes.

  • They haven’t even released a proper gameplay/trailer yet for this game.. all they care about is player ratings which doesn’t make sense. I’ve been buying the same crap since 2k12 and there are very minor changes each year .. if you aren’t really a huge nba 2k fan I’d hold off and continue playing 2k21 as there’s only really roster updates. even the sweat pattern on each player is the EXACT same

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      *Source - Playing since 99 - last two iterations have been hot garbage. 2K lost their way. You're a fool if you buy this at RRP

  • cant imagine the depreciation for these games, within a few years theyll be cheaper than coffee coasters

    • +1

      2 years ago i found 2k16 in the eb preowned bin for $2. i couldnt not at that price

  • Buy at RRP. 28 degrees price protection in 12 month when it's $15.

    • can you actually do that? have you done it before?

      • Yes of course

  • For a 2K Fan since Dreamcast 2k1, i would say it’s not even worth supporting these devs and paying it RRP. Wait a week or 2 after it’s release in Facebook Marketplace… and snag a deal. Most if not all just literally wants to get rid of it then.

  • Much the same as the posts above, played the 2k series since Dreamcast and this will be the first one I won't be buying.
    Got tired of the micro transaction obsessed business model the last few years have grown into. Every mode other than the GM is a grind and favours those who can drop $$$ on upgrades.
    Don't get me wrong, good developers that our their skills towards building a quality game should be compensated and succeed in order to support their product and make a connection with the gaming community, but the stuff 2K is doing is not justifiable considering its a full priced game to begin with. Those games that are free to play and then charge for specific content make sense, as they let the consumer try the game before committing money. 2K take the money and then seem to do everything they can to slant it towards making players pay more.
    But anyone who does get it, if you like the My team mode, recommend getting on the Reddit group for codes….good and quick way to pick up free cards as paying for packs is craaaaap!

  • Have to say, that game cover looks like crap. NBA 2K21 with Zion looked so much better

  • Have you seen the ratings they've dished out to the Boomers? Absolute farce, boycotting this!

  • any recommendations for golf games on os 5

  • ps

  • Does anyone know if the game will be delivered on release day?

    • Mine said delivered on 10th sep before 9pm.

  • What's the go to place to grab this, or an older version for cheaper, on pc?

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