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Handmade Folding Knife Damascus Steel Blade with Genuine Leather Sheath $49 + Delivery @ PEPNIMBLE


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Handmade Folding Knife Damascus Steel Blade with Genuine Leather Sheath $49 + Delivery @ PEPNIMBLE

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  • +11

    [H] Damascus Steel Blade FN [W] 20 keys

    • sorry what does that mean? :)

      • It's a reference to the Counter Strike: Global Offensive secondary weapon skins market.

      • He's saying that your "knife" is like something a pre-teen would want in his CSGO game.

        I think he's being overly generous.

      • its a cs go thing - dont worry its a sickness

      • Sorry it was just a reference to the Counter-Strike game

        • ok :)

  • Is this suppose to be a chisel cross knife?

    • +1

      There’s a few popular pocket knives with that kind of chisel tip, that’s not especially weird. It’s also not that weird to have two separate bevels like that, and it’s not super unusual to use raindrop damascus or have a sawback or have four finger choils along the handle.

      However, having all those things in one knife is pretty [email protected] quirky…

  • Is oddly shaped. Is it for a specific purpose like fishing or something, or is it meant to be general purpose?

    • Hi,

      Its a tracker blade shape. It can be used as general purpose knife.

      Thanks :)

  • +1

    "Handmade Folding Knife" is a bit of a stretch if only the sheath was handmade isn't it?

    • They do use some tools to forge, grind, sharpen etc. But technically it is still considered handmade. It is made in Wazirabad, Pakistan.

      Thanks :)

  • Where is the knife made?

    • -1

      Wazirabad, Pakistan

  • +6

    Call that a knife? THIS is a knife.

    • +1

      I see you've played knifey spooney before 🤔

  • I don't have any need for a new knife. But it looks cooler than my current knife. Maybe free delivery could tempt me?

  • The website says free shipping Australia wide, but at checkout it adds just under $10 for shipping.

    • Yea I noticed that too. $49 shipped would just be the sweetener!

      • Can you please point out where on the website it says Free Shipping (unconditional). I'll have to fix it.

        Thanks :)

    • Hi,

      We use to do free shipping AU-Wide for all orders regardless of the order value but now we have changed the policy. Free shipping is only for orders $200 or above.

      Can you please point out where on the website it says free shipping Australia-wide? I'll correct it.

      Thanks :)

      • on the home screen left under the map

        • Thanks for that. Fixed now :)

    • no sorry.

    • nice try coppo

  • "Easy to sharpen blade that will maintain its sharpness for longer"

    <Ahem>. Pick one. A Green River trimming knife <> Puma bowie on that attribute, although both beautifully designed for purpose…

  • Hello Everyone !

    This item is sold out now. I don't know how to mark this deal listing as sold out can someone do it please?

    I'll be posting more handmade knives soon. Stay tuned !

    Thanks :)

  • Looks OOS

    • Yes. please check the comments above I just posted.

  • figured it out :)

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