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Vital Strength Protein Powder 3kg $68.99 (Was $114.99) Delivered ($0 C&C) @ Chemist Warehouse


First post, let me know how I can improve future posts if needed!

I've been waiting for these to go on sale again and have had a great experience with the taste and mix-ability… and the $/kg value is quite good in my opinion.

It looks like the entire Vital Strength range is currently discounted, but I'll link some sample deals with some basic macros (from the Vital Strength website):

  • $41.99 for 1kg of WPI Plus 100 Whey Protein (Vanilla & Chocolate) - 366cal / 92g protein / 1.1g fat / 1.0g carbs (per 100g)

  • $68.99 for 3kg of Hydroxy Ripped Workout Protein (Vanilla & Chocolate) - 392cal / 79g protein / 3.2g fat / 7.3g carbs (per 100g)

  • $68.99 for 3kg of Launch Whey Protein (Vanilla & Chocolate) - 384cal / 82g protein / 2.9g fat / 3.2g carbs (per 100g)

  • $59.99 for 3kg of Total Plus Protein (Vanilla & Chocolate) - 389cal / 75g protein / 3.4g fat / 9.2g carbs (per 100g)

  • $69.59 for 4.5kg of Hardgainer Mass Rapid Bulking Protein (Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Blast) - 349cal / 31g protein / 1.2g fat / 57g carbs (per 100g)

As with anything supplement related, do your own research and/or speak to your doctor or nutritionist to see whether protein powders are suitable for your goals.

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    Any comments on how this compares to optimum nutrition gold standard whey? (I rate OP very highly imo)

    • I personally haven't tried ON's Gold Standard 100% Whey before, but I dug up some macros (for the Vanilla Ice Cream flavour) for a rough comparison: 410cal / 77.4g protein / 4.8 fat / 12.9 carbs (per 100g).

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    Thank you.

    I'm actually running low and was going to get muscle food 101 from bulk. This works out to be a lot cheaper.

    • I wish I was in your position! I ran out last week and spent $104 on 3kg of WPI from Bulk Nutrients… might buy the Hydroxy Ripped or the Launch anyway and keep it in storage for later.

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        I spent $165 for 6kg of WPI from Amino Z recently (when they had 25% off). I rate them on par with BN. They often have sales 20% / 25% off.

      • Just got the last of the launch from my local CW, might go looking. I would go for the launch rather than ripped.

        Not taking the other stuff into consideration.. it seems launch has higher protein and lower fat and carb.

        I don't like wpi from BN, I found them too watery.. 😞

        Muscle food, I get really good result but you got to increase cardio or you get fat. Lol.

  • What are the difference between different types of protein? I am a protein/supplements noob, I have only tried the ON gold standard 100% whey.
    Any help is much appreciated! :)

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      WPI if you're on a HARD cut, or looking to lose weight and retain muscle during a cut/shred cycle.

      Mass gainer if you're in a bulk cycle and looking to gain weight (muscle + fat).

      If looking to just get stronger, I'd get either of the Ripped or Launch

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        I'd never recommend a mass gainer. Just get WPC (or WPI if you've got a sensitive gut) and if you need more cals in your diet, get a cheap bag of dextrose from the supermarket and put some of that in it. That's all you're paying for with a gainer product.

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          Just keep in mind that dextrose is super sweet. It's basically sugar (well, a form of glucose). A better option is maltodextrin or even better go with waxy maise starch (if you can stomach the taste and texture). Both are really cheap.

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    my asian parents think protein is steroids.

    It is too hard to hide a 3kg bucket of protein, very tempting though

    • Do your parents eat meat? Protein is in that, same wth tofu.

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        Trust me, I have tried approaching the topic from a rational perspective.

        They are against the protein powders more accurately (should have worded it better), simply because it is something alien to them and there is still misinformation spreading around about protein powders.

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          That sucks my dude… Try future whey from bulk nutrients, say its powered lemonade?

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          Tell them its baby formula mate

    • Go discrete with the 1kg WPI plus then, probably the best product of the bunch.

    • Tell them it's brain steroids, to help with your doctorate ph.d.

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    this is what i get hope this helps someone: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/303644853035 might be cheaper on amazon with S&S.

    • Too good to be true. Is it any good?

      • yes been using it for years checkout feedback too

        • How does it compare in terms of flavour to others you have tried?

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      Can also buy direct from them and get a mix of flavours for the bulk price/send all your money to them instead of ebay taking a cut: https://pure-product.com/products/whey-protein-concentrate-i...

      Any review or comparison on flavours? Have been considering them but stevia isn't my favourite aftertaste and have had it ruin a couple other products for me. Would love to hear your experience

    • How well does it dissolve? One thing I love about Vital Strength is that it mixes smooth and doesn't clump.

    • that's because the sneaky buggers undercut it with skim milk or something of that nature…

      the bulk nutrients team have some test results from previous customers that sent it through as part of their free testing service, all handled directly by customer no interaction between bulk and the lab..


      [email protected]

      email them to get a copy….

  • Looks like everything is low in stock. Can't add anything to cart.

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    If it helps anyone, this isn't terribly cheaper than the Coles special at the moment that ends today ($24.30/kg) available in chocolate (366cal, 75g protein, 3.4g fat 8.6g carb) and vanilla: https://shop.coles.com.au/a/ashfield/product/vital-strength-...

    May help if you don't want to commit to 4 x the volume.

    • Good find!

    • Indeed a great find, thanks for linking this… I didn't even know Coles sold Vital Strength products! Just a fraction more 'costly' than this Chemist Warehouse special but you're right in that it's ideal for someone perhaps trying this brand out for the first time etc.

      • FYI, chemist warehouse has the 1kg for same price than Coles. And also have the 2kg for $48.
        And the 3kg bucket is massive…. Went for the 2kg instead ($1/kg difference)