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Weber 57cm Compact Kettle $189.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


It’s time to barbecue. Experiment with simple dishes and barbecuing methods or jump right in with a recipe you’ve been craving to try. It’s only a matter of time before your Compact charcoal barbecue becomes a part your everyday life.

This product features:
Rapidfire Charcoal 'V' Grate
Removable no rust aluminium ash catcher
No rust aluminium vents
The Complete Australian Barbecue Kettle Cookbook
Same great flavour, compact size
Porcelain enamelled bowl and lid
2 Char-Basket charcoal fuel holders
Glass reinforced nylon handle
Wire bottom shelf for convenient storage
Chrome plated steel, hinged cooking grill
Crack proof all weather wheels
Free cover

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  • Does this have the hook on the inside of the lid to hang off the side? Last time I was looking at my mates new weber it didn't have one.

    • https://www.weber.com/AU/en/barbecues/charcoal-range/weber-k... is the manufacturers page for this one. It shows angled lid hook inside lid in the specifications. I am pretty sure all their models have this now. You can always go to a weber store and have a look at everything and then shop around. Pricing doesn't tend to vary too much though.

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        'You can always go to a weber store and have a look at everything and then shop around.'

        Look at this guy mock us while we're in lockdown

        • Sorry mate! Blame Glady's not me! Also I forgot Costco does delivery now so just assumed you would have to go out to get one anyway.

  • another option if you don’t have Costco membership https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/weber-original-18-kettle-charco...

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      This Kogan kettle is 47cm. Slightly different.

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    I've had my US-made Weber kettle for about 20 years. I wouldn't touch one now as they are made in China

    Time for the China Fanboi squad to start their negging!

    • You might wanna check where your 3XL was made?

      • Bought way before my non-China buying policy started.

        I try to buy non-CCP products - whatever the cost, but unfortunately there's sometimes no other choice.

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    I have a Weber that is nearly 30 years old now and still going strong.

    My only complaint with the model shown here is the ash catcher is completely useless as even a light breeze will mean ash spread all over your back yard. You can buy the removable cup style ash catcher from Weber directly and it is probably one of the best upgrades you can do (second only to the in-lid thermometer).

    • Where do you purchase the high capacity ash catcher for the 57mm weber kettle? Can only find hits in the USA on google, nothing local ?

      • +1

        I bought mine from Amazon US a long time ago, but Weber AU can supply them upon request.

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    I'd rather pick up better old weber from marketplace or gumtree

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    I've got the same size Weber - albeit an old one with the wooden handle. It's fine for cooking some steaks (tomahawk), or a small roast. But anything bigger that takes longer to cook and I find the issue becomes the limited amount of charcoal briquettes that you can realistically retain (in baskets or otherwise).

    If you have to re-fuel mid-cooking and you DON'T have a charcoal starter (which enables you to prelight the charcoal), then you are left with the choice of either taking your food out, or having your food covered in the first smoke of the replacement charcoal which is generally horrible stuff.

    As the Weber being sold here has the hinged cooking grill, then re-stocking the charcoal is at least possible - so definitely invest in the separate charcoal starter.

    My only other gripe with the Weber is the cleanup. These don't have a proper ash catcher, and some small percentage of the ash inevitably seems to get fats/oils mixed with it forming a glue paste like substance in parts. I try to vacuum most of the non-contaminated ash up using one of those cheap ozito bag-style web and dry vacuums. You are still often left though with some fat/oily ash mix that you either put up with and leave be, or try to clean out using hose/soap-water etc. I fall in the latter category, and this adds another block of time to the cleanup routine. In hindsight, I wish I had purchased the full-size kettle.

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      I have the smaller, portable Weber kettle that I bought more than a decade ago (still going strong after all this time). I've been using it so often recently that I decided to line it with aluminium foil (bottom half and drip tray) to save a bunch of time and effort with cleaning. Works a treat and leaves very little mess!

      Was led to believe that the foil would catch fire or that the aluminium would leech into the food, according to an internet search.. perhaps I would be better off making a hat out of it if I were to believe any of it.

      I didn't line the lid as it didn't seem to stay in place too well but that doesn't get too greasy anyway and along with the grill, letting it burn off after the cooking is done is an easy and simple way to clean up. A quick scrub with the grill brush, wrapping up the foil, a wipe down and a brisk vacuum for the cooled ash is a no-brainer in comparison to what I had to do previously.

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    If anyone finds a deal on the Weber Premium Kettle Black 57cm let me know :)

    • Missed out on this one. So need a deal on it too.

  • i have one of these and its awesome, i paid extra for the temp gauge.

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