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Vue Candles (438g, 220g) and Diffusers $10 Each (Was $24.95 to $34.95) + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ MYER eBay


Myer is selling a range of their Vue candles and diffusers for $10 each. They are normally between $24.95 and $34.95. The large and small are the same price.

The scents available are:
Costa Rica (Pomegranate & Berry)
Mallorca (Pineapple & Raspberry)
Marrakech (Vanilla & Caramel)
Tulum (Coconut & Lime)

The packaging and design are a little more 'budget' than other brands, but if you're like me and use a lot of candles, $10 is reasonable for the large size.

Signage in store indicates sale on to 3 October. Plenty of stock in store at Perth City Myer.

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    If anyone's interested, the House & Garden brand are also on sale. Pretty sure I saw these in store too.


    Some were $49.95 and are now $15.

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    Also available on their ebay store (with free shipping for plus member).

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      Thank you. Ordered via Ebay Plus.

    • thanks grabbed a couple!

    • Grabbed 2 Berry ones.

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    this is probably a silly question but I tried to google it and can't figure it out, what's the difference between the candles and diffuser here? is the diffuser version an oil? sorry if this sounds dumb

    edit : I scrolled down and saw the actual diffuser images. one of them was using the wrong image so I was so lost. LOL. thank you for the deal

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      candle is a candle. a diffuser is a stick immersed in oil

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      Jack be nimble,
      Jack be quick,
      Jack jump over
      The diffuser-stick

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      a candle you need to lit to release the smell, a diffuser is something that "stay on" releasing smell all the time

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    Thanks OP. Got some candles for the missus.

  • bought some for the new house, thanks OP

    • What did you get?

      • Costa Rica and Tulum from Vue, I also got the Tamar and candle gift set of 3 from House & Garden :)

      • 3-4 bedroom place at 60% over budget..

        • Haha I wish! Working while studying is tough but at least rent is cheap because all the international students can't get in

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    Which one is popular in terms of smell?

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      I would like to know too.
      I ordered 1 candle and diffuser to try so next time I know which one I should buy!

    • I was able to smell some today, I definitely like the pineapple raspberry and the pomegranate berry one so I grabbed those. The vanilla one smells like tahaa affair from glasshouse one but it wasn't really my thing.

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    Nice. A perfect way to use my $40 voucher from joining eBay Plus.

    • How did you get this voucher? I didn’t get jack when I signed up : /

      • Was a long running promo. I signed up in April and got a $50 voucher.

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    Also use AFTERPAY10 code to get 10 off minimum 20$ spend…

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      This code can't be applied to your order.

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        Did you do it via eBay?

  • Thanks, OP! Got a couple of each with free delivery over $49.

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    I just bought 12 candles … thanks OP

  • I prefer the mother of apple brand

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    Thanks OP, bought a couple :)

  • Mums & Girlfriends rejoice!

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    Thanks OP. Looks like they stocked up the 438g candles back on EBay whilst on their own website sold out. Get the big candles from eBay free delivered!

    • From experience when they "restock" like this they don't actually have stock and will refund you after you wait for ages and chase them up on why they haven't dispatched it yet.

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        I bought the last one, ebay account should be linked to the myers allocation system, like SAP Hybris.
        This instance it will be those who cancelled the order as i could only see 2 available…and yes
        I am just creating a positive plot for me.

      • I “paid” with Afterpay. I didn’t need to pay anything yet, so when they cancel I won’t pay it in future.

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    All rubbish! Bought this and Evelyn and London candles - nice smell but when they burn - no smell - zero!! Better off with Glasshouse Candles!

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      At $10 for a 438g candle surely you can't go wrong with these?

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      I had those before. I can confirm they smell when they burn. Have you tested for COVID lately?

    • But Glasshouse are $40 each… These are perfectly fine for light scent/ ambience.

    • Not trolling but when you say they don’t smell do you mean like just not strong? Like you can only smell when you are super close to it? I just want to know.’thanks

  • Thanks OP. Bought some from ebay store.

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    With lockdown and all - what's the general consensus on aromatherapy? I heard that the pure essential oils actually help and smell pleasant but are not as strong. Anyone had experience? Would like to have pleasant smells and anything to help the mental health would be helpful

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      Just lay off the beans mate.

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        But they make me toot real good!

  • Thanks, chucked 3 in the cart

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    but which one smells good? lol

  • Mostly out of stock on the larger candles

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    Thanks OP. I got some diffusers.

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    Bargain! Cheers OP, spent about $100 cos the OH has been eyeing these for a few months and it hurt really bad to pay full price to watch the money burn up slowly.
    This, less pain, happy OH, so thank you! :)

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      The more you spend the more you save :)

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        The more you spend so more gets canceled lol.

  • Waste of time. Got a message from MYER that the 438g VUE candles are sold out after they were clearly available on purchase on eBay. Waiting for refund.

    • You just got unlucky. All 4 of the Vue 438g candles I ordered off eBay after they were listed as oos on the Myer site are already on the way. Ordered 8 candles + 4 diffusers in total, 0 cancellations.

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      By the time I got here, the vue 438grams were oos both on their site and ebay. Just got something else instead.

  • Thanks, bought a bunch!

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    Bought and paid for 3 candles, only received one today. All 3 had the same tracking number. Think I'll be receiving a refund for two candles.

    • Same!
      I bought through eBay. 3/4 candles arrived under same tracking number.

      No communication from Myer yet

      • Me 3. But I have tracking numbers for the rest, so with them arriving later this week, let's see what happens.

    • Me too. 2 / 3 received with same tracking number.

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      They messaged me back, the other two candles are still being processed and will dispatch shortly.

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    Got all my stuff, love it!
    Cheers op! :)

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    Just got a refund for 2/3 of the candles I ordered. Shattered!

  • Vanilla one and Coconut one of the big candles back in stock.

  • I called up yesterday to follow up on my order. I originally received 2 of my 10 order. The rep confirmed the other 8 are still on their way and have been sourced from other stores.

  • Finally received mine today. I am in NSW.