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Millennius Touch Pad - 7 Inch Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Tablet - $189


Millennius Touch Pad - Powered by Android

  • Android 4.0
  • 7 inch touch screen
  • Cheapest ICS (Android 4.0 in Australia)

This super thin and lightweight 7-inch Android 4.0 tablet is made from quality parts. This low-cost tablet PC provides tons of fun. On this cute device you can enjoy watching YouTube videos, read ebooks, check emails, play amazing games, listen to music, work on documents, etc

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    Is this Streets or Peters?

  • +1

    $189 for an ice cream sandwich?

  • +1

    Home Ice cream mate can't you hear the music ringing outside your house? :)

  • is this any good?

  • +6

    I would …. NOT

    Cheap chinese manufacuring (I suppose),as I read of DOA devices
    Single core (Not to confuse with Tegra-Dual/Quad core) + GPU + VideoDecoding PU
    and never ever 1.5Ghz !! Onless you sum the CPU Clocks ….

    I might be tempted to see if I am right for …. say … $99, incl. shipping and 3 Years warranty
    + 6 !!! Free gifts !!!

    • +1

      the htc flyer has a 1.5ghz single core? hhmmm wonder who makes them

      • +1

        Yes but HTC has some reputation that it would like to uphold in the industry so it would use quality parts.

        However no name tablets like this have no reputation to uphold and only care about using the cheapest parts to last a year or so. In a year or so you see this tablet is rebadgeed again to fool another set of people.

      • Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255T

  • Is this the cheapest as in "comes with android 4.0", where others may come with an older version and need upgrading?

  • +3

    Cheapest is rarely the best

    • +11

      Wow, insightful comment bro.

      • -1


  • Similar specs to Ainol NOVO 7

  • Good price for aussie stock.
    looks like a rebranded Ainol.

    • errr, it's not aussie stock, it's imported from China/HK.

      • Yes but they ship it from Australia. so you don't have to wait weeks for it.

      • +1

        not to mention you (i assume) are going to get local support and are covered by australia's various consumer laws

  • $15 for the ice cream sandwich at Cutler and Co in Melbourne.

    No deal!

  • +5

    You know buddy you have no information about what parts are used.
    I'm sorry but but if you want reputation you are going to have to put a little more effort in identifying your "quality" parts.
    Your 1.5 dual core, is it made by Qualcomm, Texas instruments, Nvidia…
    Your Ram is limited to only 512 which is less than ideal and your screen resolution is ridiculous for a 7" tablet 800x600
    Your dodgy advertising is not something people want to see here, either go all out with details or don't bother at all.
    Another thing, you failed to mention shipping costs.

    • +1

      For future reference, the processor is an A10 (made by Allwinner). It is not an ARM-style arrangement where the chip fabs license the design, although the A10 is designed from ARM parts; the Allwinner A10 contains a Cortex A8 CPU, and a Mali-400 GPU (these are the "dual cores" referred to in advertising for the A10).

      • +1

        Even still the 1.5GHZ remains a single core CPU that is a misleading statement.
        When a person writes "1.5ghz dual core" it references the 1.5 being the dual core not the GPU.
        I believe the site can be sued for misleading if someone made a purchase from them.

        • That's sad panda shonky. Good thing I did not bother (though the lack of RAM was making me doubt the worthiness of this already)

          Actually, fsck it. Neg. That's just an out-and-out lie. Everyone knows what dual-core means and using that to hide the fact that it's single core is dodgy.

          Even nvidia do not call their latest processor a 5-core as 1 core is different from the other 4.

  • Not for me, but I guess something cheap for those who haven't tried android

    BTW what's your ABN?

  • +2

    My roomie bought one of these cheap android tablets and it's pretty poor. I guess you get what you pay for: a stone with a screen.

  • just go for an Ainol Aurora with IPS screen and bit lower price -.-

  • There's not even a pic on the website. Maybe just a dropshipper for a chinese store?

  • Yeah better go Ainol Aurora novo7, got it for $170 usd, impressed with the screen quality for that price, here is the youbute review:


  • Not this Crap again. The rep that hawks ICS as a feature when all tabs will be ICS. I will try to find the previous thread and link it here.

    • www.ozbargain.com.au/node/61583

      Same rep hawking slightly different models but with same amount of desperation

    • +1

      Why is ICS not a feature exactly? its not like it common yet (though likely this month will see a number of devices getting ics upgrades).

      Im sure the first car that came out with airbags labelled it as a "feature" even if people were well away every car would eventually have airbags as well.

  • +1

    Im somewhat supprised about all the hate posts. I cant see anywhere he's mentioned that its dual core personally (yet everyone is complaining he is?), and the allwinner a10 cpu isnt exactly an unknown chip. I dont quite get why people are whining about the 1.5ghz chip? I havent seen anywhere millenius mentions it being a dual-core chip (or was that something later taken out before i got here?).

    Personally I probably wouldnt buy it simply cause i do have a ainol novo 7 aurora. But a tablet like this would be tempting to me as an android developer (if i were coding something for tablets). Its only real downside is the 800x600 res (though that is quite common on the 7" tablets). for an in-australia piece of hardware its quite competitive in terms of price and features.

    While its obviously one of the cheap chinese models rebranded, I actually quite respect that. Rather then selling random chinese names in Aus, he's stuck his name (and his reputation) on it, which takes a bit more balls.

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