Recommendation for Non Apple Brand iPad Stylus

Hi everyone,

Just looking for recommendation for any good well tested stylus (non Apple brand) for my son's school work on his Ipad Air 4.

I am considering these ones, I understand they all have no pressure sensitivity which I don't really need at this stage.



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    This is cheaper and exactly the same in terms of functionality as the ones you have listed.

    You can type in alternate Apple Pencil and see plenty of reviews on it. They are all the same generic Pencil but work quite well as you have said, although probably more latency and no pressure sensitivity.

  • The renaisser one was alright. I got it for about $30.

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    Logitech crayon?
    All the cheaper stylus’ are basically as good as a finger tip.
    The pencil and the crayon work much better, albeit much more costly.

  • Anyone using the alternate apple pencil for awhile? I bought one from Aliexpress which was really good for the first day, then the pencil won't turn on again. Worry to buy another one only to last weeks.

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