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Mount Avoca Organic Shiraz 2018 12×750ml Bottles $99 (RRP $312) + Delivery @ Dan Murphy's (Members Only)


Member Delivery-Only Offer:

  • James Halliday - 93 Pts
  • Gold Medal - Rutherglen Wine Show 2019
  • Gold Medal - Western Victorian Wine Show
  • Sliver Medal - Cool Climate Wine Show 2019
  • Cool climate shiraz from Victoria's Pyrenees Region
  • Award Winning Australian Certified Organic Winery

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closed Comments

  • What if I don't like it after trying it?

    • At this price its the perfect thing to have on hand to take to someone's place for dinner (restrictions permitting) or as thank you gifts etc when you need something quick and easy.

      • Or birthday presents!

      • +1

        I usually buy the $4 bottles for those events

  • Is it preservative free?

    • I'm thinking no as they would probably mention it in the notes. Just organic.

      • +1

        It's Chemical free in vineyard as well as winery, so no added chemicals (officially).

        Sulphur Dioxide is often still added, but is also a natural process of fermentation.


        • +1

          Thanks, my Mrs will only drink organic and no added sulphite.

  • +3

    Don't forget Cashrewards - 10% cashback

  • Done, thanks guys!!

  • Oos

    • still in stock as far as I can see… not available for local pick up though, delivery only, as stated by the OP

  • Thanks, grabbed a case. Cellared correctly will be good until 2030, don't think I will be able to keep them for that long though!

    • What makes you think you can keep it that long. It may be made to drink now

      • Check the reviews. The wine can be consumed now up until 2030. As the wine matures different flavours will develop along the way. This is why you see cellar release wines offered at the likes of Dan Murphy's, albeit at a premium given that they have been stored for a number of years.

        • Read the same reviews. 9 years at $8 a bottle. Ain't nobody got time for that.

          Still bought a case thanks OP

  • +2

    OOS Vic

  • Can't see a condition in Cashrewards about using an egift card. Anyone know if that would cancel the cashback?

    • Cashrewards tracks fine if using a Woolies eGift card to pay. It used to be better when you could buy the eGift cards for 5% off through Cashrewards too, but discounted Woolies eGift cards are harder to find these days.

  • Damn, yes out of stock in Vic.

  • I can't think of any way for Dan Murphy's to make their web site worse……

    • Agreed the DM website isn't great.
      Hard to filter for products in the member specials (1288 offers) and I can get all the way to checkout for a product that is out of stock before I selected it.

  • +4

    Thanks OP, nice find. I used to work in a winery/resort not far away,

    running the cellar door at Warrenmang Vineyards when Luigi Bazzani and Athali owned it, nice family.

    Great memories there with great wine, food and people.

    • +1

      don’t know why you get neg. +1 4 u.

      • Thanks. Most people are cool, some bit sad, especially now.

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