This was posted 5 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Omnidesk Pro 2020 Electric Standing Desk $700 (20% off) + Shipping @ Omnidesk Au


Website state up to 28% OFF. Cable management bar is included for free (usually $79)

48" desk for $700 + shipping. Addnl. $100 for 60" and $200 for 72".

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    $700 for a 1.2m wide desk? Nah I'm good.

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      I think you would find its the whole electric side of it making it not too far off the price mark,

      Unless you have other ones which are cheaper?

      • I got my 1.8m ZenSpace desk for about $680 I think a while back.

      • Isn't electric desk in Ikea better than Omnidesk?

      • have you heard of IKEA?

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          Just buy Omni or Desky, IKEA is not sturdy (wobbles at highest), I tested all their models

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            @sqheaven: I tested the Bekant and Idasen at IKEA and went with the Idasen 160x80. It's rock solid. Even have a monitor riser on it and no wobbles when adjusting the height. The Bekant models don't seem as sturdy.

            • @ScroogeMcChicken: You must be very lucky. I do graphics work, using pen so I needed a rock solid desk at height. Desky was good enough for me, even though I ordered it online and never tested it. Their support team confirmed its rock solid. The desktop weighs about 20+ kgs, bamboo. I have two 27" monitors, and stands, a tube amplifier. I sat my wife on it and tested it, it lift everything up 😂

              • @sqheaven: The ikea idasen is actually a quality product which uses a european Linak motor, unlike the dropshipped chinese motors found in omni or desky or any generic ebay listing and very stable as well. Only downside is it can only hold 80kg.

                • @AH: Desky and Omni, I am sure the source is the same. So I went with Desky as it was a bit cheaper. Dual motor is good to have. 120-140Kg weight lifting capacity is good since you can be sure that you're not wrecking the motors at their full capacity all the time. I don't know why people like IKEA stuff, I went to their rep and asked them to show me the best standing desk, at height, I could wobble it with my finger. I tested other lower-end models, same thing.

                  Why would a motor matter to you from Europe when the desk is so shaky? And Omni Desky they have an extended 10 years warranty on their stuff even if it is from China.

                  I think it all depends on your needs, even the eBay frame and IKEA desktop works in most of the cases. You can same money to buy a chair and a nice keyb.

                  • @sqheaven: All I'm saying is there isn't much difference between a zendesk, an ebay listing, and the desky you ordered (Desky was founded by an ex Zendesk employee which probably explains the similarities).

                    Internal motors are all produced by the same Chinese company (Jiecang) which have more or less achieved economies of scale for a quality standing desk.

                    Save your money and skip the Omni/desky and go with an ebay listing saving a few hundred bucks.

                    • @AH: I am sure there are differences if you look closer, or maybe eBay or others their frame is underrated at 80Kg with dual motors? Is that what you're saying. There are compromises, otherwise, why doesn't everyone buy from IKEA, the best European stuff.

                      • @sqheaven: I'm saying all desks aside from Ikea are basically the same. With Ikea, you're paying a premium for European parts which isn't really worth it when the Chinese motors work just as well.

                        Out of the companies which dropship standing desks, you're mainly paying for support if something goes wrong. Ebay sellers aren't known for the best response times but with desky/Zendesk/Omni, they'll resend/refund you if parts arrive late or slightly dinged.

                        Desky was also founded a year ago when the wfh boom started so there's no saying how long they last and if they can fulfill their 10 year warranty.

                        • @AH: This is what my conclusion was, all these desks are the same, just different branding. I found the specs exactly matched on Omni and Desky, and Omni was expensive, so I got the Desky. Yes, the after-sales matters a lot when you have 10 years warranty.

                          All I am saying is; if you compare IKEA and these heathen brands, IKEA sucks. It wobbles like hell. Plus, it was expensive. so I went somewhere in the middle of IKEA - heathen brands - eBay :D

                          I can testify that Desky is one solid desk that can lift two monitors, all your random stuff including your wife.

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    I have done quite a lot of research on electric standing desks and the below is much better in value for money:

    With eBay discount code, you will almost save $300 for a chair, while you are standing.

    • would be good if didn't have to install the motors your self, i'm hell clumsy with drills and hand tools : (

      looks pretty good though i'd be interested in the larger one, might try find reviews of it

      • You just need the drill or driver to drive the screws in, that's it.

        • ahh fair enough not bad then, the 1.5 you got, sturdy to hold a heavy gaming pc with a few monitors sitting on it you think?


          • @Godric: I'm not sure about the desktop PC, but on mine is a laptop, 34inch, 27inch monitors on arm.

    • Have you gotten this or just reserched this?

      Been looking for something and intrested on that price point

      • I just researched this comparing with payload, dimensions, reading views etc.

        Didn't end up getting this to save space and spent my money on a wireless mech keyboard instead.

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      I got the 1.5m wide for $452 delivered from the same seller in the ebay link but via Amazon. Value for money the Lazy Maisons is better.

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        I grabbed the 1.5m Lazy Maisons one too, such good value, solid desk

        • Also orders a Lazy Maison 150cm (120kg) version off eBay.
          Delivery came next day which was very surprising.
          Desk is fantastic, very strudy and has alot of weight to it.
          Has laptop and 2 Monitors and no issues going up and down or moving around at all.
          Moving up and down the desk is pretty quick and the memory settings are an added bonus

          For the price you can't go wrong and was pretty straightforward in putting together with the YouTube video instructions they have posted.

          Would definitely recommend this, especially based on the price vs others that's are $300+ more expensive.

          • @Schumi5: Do you have a link to the seller you bought from?

    • What discount codes are you using? i can only get the 5% to work

      • From time to time, they do have better discount codes. I only have 5% at the moment as well.

    • Ordered a frame off these guys too after watching their installation video which seemed very clean and neat. They have good features for cable management for the motor wires and the way the legs lock into the frame.

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      I've got one of these, for my use case unfortunately the minimum height is much too high compared to any of the more premium models. (I tried to put the smallest castor wheels on it I possibly could, but even being average height that makes it much too high to be useful. If you're short / want the desk low it's probably too high even without the wheels, though for most people who want it on a fixed base it'll be fine. Was quite easy to assemble compared to the more premium desk I ended up preferring too.

  • Any reviews on these?

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      I have a colleague who bought the omnidesk and she seems to like it - she recommended them to me a few weeks back when I was looking.

      (Note I didn’t end up buying as I wasn’t sure how often I would need sit stand as opposed to buying something else)

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    Buy the base off ebay or another shop for around $300 then by a top from Ikea for $100.

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      This is what I have done. It looks like omnidesk/desky etc use the same bases as are available on amazon/ebay etc. The only difference seems to be branded control panels. The omnidesk/desky etc options seem to be a huge premium for an ordinary desk top plus a small convenience factor, even at this discounted price.

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    I just got my sit stand desk from yesterday and am really happy with it.

    much cheaper then these and has the same features with fast shipping (3days).

    only downside was when attaching the frame to the desktop the rubber grommets are a bit hard to put in.

    • Just ordered one yesterday (and $19 monitor arm from Selby eBay). Their desks get plenty of positive reviews after trawling through Ozb comments.

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        when you get to the rubber grommets get a flat head and manhandle them in you will see what I mean

        • +2

          Cheers for the tip. I look forward to swearing a lot, classic flat pack behaviour.

        • Thanks for this, definitely saved me some anger!! Did you have any issues with the bolts being long enough to grip in to the desktop with grommets installed?

          Some of the desktop holes were too recessed, so I've had to use a couple of longer M6 bolts to get the desktop attached properly.

          And did you install the motor front left with the pre-drilled holes as recommended? Seems like an awkward spot for it, so I might move it to the middle of the supports or to the rear of the desk.

          • +1

            @Tock: yea I did have same issue, I wasn't sure if i damaged the thread, I used a longer bolt on the ones that didnt work. and mine ended up being behind the bar out of the way

    • hey mate did you get the larger size?

      any comments or opinions if it would hold up like a heavy gaming pc with a few monitors etc?

      • Yes it'll hold it fine

    • What is the lowest height it can go to from floor to top of table? The image shown in the link says 64cm but it also appears to be to the underside of the table, so wondering if it is really ~66cm?

    • Got a coupon?

  • I bought the largest size in black about a year ago for WFH, not my best purchase. Build and quality is really good though.

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      Why not the best purchase if the build quality is good?

      • I’ve probably put it into the stand position 20 times in a year. The desk itself is great, I have 3 monitors, PC, PS4 etc on it with no issues at all.

        • -1

          Cool… 3 monitors, PC PS4 and etc with no issues. But not the best purchase on what reason? Not trolling, I think most of the people here would like to know before spending $$$$ for these desks'.

          • @ozricoy: Hes saying its not the best purchase because he doesnt use the sit-stand functionality, so he probably should have just bought a far cheaper normal desk.

    • Im also interested in this answer

  • Whats the benefit of this over ones you can get on eBay for half the price?

    I bought one a few months ago with same length top (couldve gotten a bigger top for a few bucks more).

    120kg weight limit, 60-126cm range, 4 memory function. Only been about 5 months but go from sitting and standing 4-5 times a day and worked without any flaws thus far.

  • These brand-name ones are so expensive. Considering getting one off eBay but really wanted a drawer or some storage.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I can see, Omnidesk also has a 7(+3) year warranty on their items. Could be a deciding factor for some?

    I love mine. Found it easy to assemble, looks good, quick delivery. My friends have said they will upgrade over their DIY IKEA desks in the future.

  • I was looking at getting this desk last year for WFH but I ended up with the zen space desk instead. I forget why I chose the zen over omni desk might have been sale at the time.

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    I have an omnidesk, bought it on the blackfriday special, got the 72" desk for $715, but I also bought a power clamp, storage drawer, cable management bar, and anti fatigue mat, so total was $1075 shipped.

    Can't complain, it's a great desk, and has a 7 year warranty.

  • Took a punt on Tuesday with Ebay Plus 10% off.for FORTIA Standing Desk Height Adjustable Sit Stand Up L Corner Electric Black( triple motor, looks two of the normal one)

    Todays 15% ebay plus has is at $750, Not to sure on build but for any one else in the market looking for a bigger battle station, will report back

    • +1

      Hey mate I just bought a Fortia last week (regular desk, 150cm) and it's pretty nice. The motors are damn quiet, even quieter than what I had at work in the office (whole place was outfitted with another brand) so that was quite impressive.

    • Keen to hear how it goes.

  • Have had one of these desks for around 6 months now and its been fantastic, yes it may be a little more expensive than one off ebay but the quality and build as well as how easy it was to put together made it a great purchase. This thing is rock solid, not even the slightest wobble.

    Plus the 10 year warranty through an Australian company for something that utilizes a motor and pretty heavy moving part it was well worth a few extra dollars.

  • +1

    Have one for more than 6 months. Main difference (that i like) between omnidesk and everything else is that it is quieter/faster when in operation.

    Read and watched plenty of reviews - this guy stated the discernible differences that (to me) is worth the extra ~$200 premium.

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    I bought this one (AIMEZO Electric Stand Up Desk Frame/Anti-Collision/Dual Motor 3 Tiers) on Amazon, for $350 because I spoke with the saler asking for the version with the USB on the control, however, it was sold out so they gave me a discount.

    *Please keep in mind that this is only the frames, I had already a table which I adjusted to me needs.

    • I bought this too back on 31 May 2021. I bought it when it still had the USB port on the controller (perfect for charging my headset). It also had the desk top included for free at the time. All up paid $334.99. Bargain price for a full stand-up desk setup.

      Great desk: 66-131cm height range (measured to the top of the desk). Dual motors. Anti-collision. Auto-leveling height (i.e. accurate height shown on the controller no matter how thick your desk top is). USB charging port on the side of the controller.

      PM me if you want more info.

  • All these desks pair well with a cable trunk on the bottom to hold a power board. This is the cheapest one I found.

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