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Dad & Dave's OzBargain Fathers Day Beer Tasting Pack (24x 375ml Cans) $99 (Valued $151) Delivered @ Dad N Dave's Brewing


A special fathers day treat for the Ozbargain community at an unbeatable price with free shipping Australia wide.

24 of our best beers and alcoholic ginger beer.

The OzBargain Tasting Pack includes:

  • 4 x Pilsner
  • 4 x Belgian IPA
  • 4 x Citra Mosaic IPA
  • 4 x White Cloud Hazy Pale Ale
  • 4 x Black Forest Pastry Stout
  • 4 x Alcoholic Ginger Beer

All orders made on Thursday 26 August 2021 will be shipped next day and all orders over the weekend will be available to ship Monday morning

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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  • Grabbed one thanks!

  • +1

    Can you do me the Anti Pale slab. Pils, Lagers, Stouts, Porters, Ginger beer… Mmmmmm

  • I missed out on the last pack so thanks for bringing this back!

  • Awesome, grabbed one. Thank you!

  • +6

    What is the fuzz about this? I wouldn’t buy it for 151 or 100. Maximum 70 would be reasonable.

    • +3

      I don't know there beers having not consumed them before but if I were to follow other craft beer indicative prices, I would say $4 a can as being relatively reasonable. I am purely basing that on style of ales on offer and ABV % but am no way an expert.

      Of course, everyone's budget and tastes are different so if $100 delivered is excessive then that's fair.

      $151 original price I agree is significant and I wouldn't pay that either.

    • -1

      Wait, I didn't know we could just put our own arbitrary prices on the things we purchase! Well I'm off to tell Kia that stinger, maximum $2000 would be reasonable. Thanks for the tip!

  • +1

    Hey guys, hope you aren't still using Aramex for deliveries? I bought your 32 can sample pack and last update was on August 10th. And their customer service is deplorable, many chats and emails later and still haven't received an update.

    Talking about Aramex customer service, not Dad and Dave.

    • Still not a good look for them, if they use such unreliable delivery service.

      • They're offering a good deal with free shipping so i don't have any problem with them. Just wanting to let them knew their courier company is letting them down.

  • I bought the last 2 cases delivered for $100 delivered deal. I got the Pale Ale and the Pilsener. They still have it actually https://www.dadndavesbrewing.com/buy-now/p/pale-ale-pilsner-... . Both good beers. The pilsener has a slight honey taste and the Pale Ale is a really good tasty beverage. The delivery service I used was fantastic delivering to the South Coast NSW quickly.

  • What is the expiry on the beers in the tasting pack? I find it personally expensive but maybe as a Christmas present for my father in law perfect. I guess you do Christmas deals when time comes too?

  • $4 a can? … As the promotional price? Seems a bit steep to me.

  • Looks to be a decent deal and love a bit of variety but feeling a bit burnt after buying 2 slabs of the Black IPA (for $150) and not liking it.

    The "valued at" is based on buying individual 4pks. The true value of this pack is $106.83, which is still a decent deal considering 6 varieties but I still have the Black IPA's and a lot of other beers to get through first.

    On a positive note, it was great service last time, I received my orders very quickly and I am definitely keen to try them out again in the future (when I need to stock up again).