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Waterman Fountain Pen Ink: Intense Black 50ml $6.40, Parker Ink: Blue-Black 57ml $7.67 + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon


Waterman Fountain Pen Ink black, 50ml. $6.40
Also, Parker 1950378 QUINK Ink Bottle, Blue-Black, 57ml for $7.67
Lowest Prices as per 3camels.

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    This Waterman is a really wet ink and not recommended if you have a pen with an aggressive feed, write on glossy stock or are left-handed.

    • True, the mysterious blue always looks very black to me.

      • mysterious blue always looks very black to me

        I have a white shirt with an ink-stained cuff that would agree with you. ;-)

  • +3

    Thought that was perfume got exceited to order

    • I was just about to ask if the fragrance was any good.

    • LOL same! Perhaps one with notes of ink, old library books, tobacco and geranium.

      • buy now, think later. The OZbargain way.

    • You can still use as perfume, just add water

  • The blue-black quink is very solid and affordable. Usually around $11 at Officeworks.

    • +1

      And yet printer ink costs you a kidney.

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    I don't have a fountain pen. I have no idea how to write with a fountain pen. But I really want this.

    • You buy. You buy now!

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      If you want the ink that much, get a fountain pen.

      If you want an Ozbargain-level value pen, check out Jianhao pens on eBay or AliExpress. They usually come with a converter so you can use this bottled ink but they're dirt cheap.

    • +2

      I recently bought my first fountain pen (Lamy Safari). It feels so nice to write with. Definitely a convert.

      • Yep that's what I got. Not sure I'd pay $50 for it but the $10 ozbargain deal was sweet.

        I absolutely love it.

  • I snoozed I loozed.

  • I literally ran out of ink in my fountain pen this afternoon.

    But it's still on cartridges. I've been meaning to buy an adapter so I can buy nice bottles.

    This could have been fate.

    • +5

      just get a 1mL syringe and a blunt tip, you can refill your cartiridges yourself, don't really need a converter.

      • +2

        Doubt a layperson would understand immediately what a "blunt tip" is, but yes this is what I do as well

        • Never considered just reusing the single use cartridge - nice one!

          And correct, I read syringe and refill but thought wtf is a blunt tip (thought it might have involved using a spare nib or something).

          On searching I take it it just means a syringe with a nice wide needle that is not sharp and won't pierce your skin. (Hence it becomes self explanatory…once you know).

          Initial search on amazon shows prices for needles with blunt tips exceeding the price of a converter however :)

          • +1

            @ajm07: If you know anyone in the medical realm, they're just lying around. Even if you end up at your GP and ask nicely, I'm sure they'd part with one.

            But yes, just googled it, the prices are pretty crazy.

            You could probably just rock up to chemist warehouse and get a leur lock tipped syringe, it would most likely fit in the diameter of the cartridge you use, then you can avoid the needle altogether:

            You'd probably need to squeeze on the cartridge prior and as you fill it though as the syringe will probably completely occlude the opening and there will be no way for the air to be displaced.

  • All gone. :(

  • Dammit, i just bought of two them at non sale price the other day.

  • what's a great value fountain pen that i don't need a bank loan for? i currently have a Lamy Safari Extra Fine. It's ok. Not as smooth as claimed to be, a bit scratchy.

    • Twsbi Eco.

  • +1

    Back in stock.

    • Because of you I didn't miss it this time. Thanks.

      • Cheers. Now after buying 4 different ink bottles all I need is fountain Pen. I think my Jinhao pen I ordered 3 months ago from China is well lost in quarantine debacle.

        • I just bought the last in stock bottles, but you can still order at this price: "Available to ship in 1-2 days".

          My expected delivery date isn't until 10 September! Maybe they're all busy looking for your pen?

          • @uvbunny: I just ordered two of the Parker blue-black. It also let me add the Waterman so there's still stock.

            • @Shard: It says 6 available for both brands. Maybe they keep on adding more stock.

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