JB Hi-Fi Not Accepting Gift Cards via JB-Direct Links (System Issue)

So I've managed to negotiate a deal on a new TV, speakers and wall mount - a pretty significant purchase in my books - and when i click the provided JB Hi-Fi Direct link (basically agreed shopping cart) JB gift cards and coupons don't work.

Problem with gift cards? Nope. Gift card balance check online and instore say it working.
Problem with the webpage shopping cart (not via JB Direct SMS chart)? Nope, but none of my discounts apply totalling about $1000.
No worries, I'll just pop down in-store… wait we are in lockdown and the stores are not accepting payments (no customers inside).

Apparently, this is an issue which has being ongoing for about 2 weeks.

Only reason this is real pain is I've been saving my Amex points to spend on this purchase, and they are not significant gift cards.

Vent over. Enjoy your weekends.

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    I assume you've tried giving them a call on 13 52 44?
    (From their support page: https://support.jbhifi.com.au/hc/en-au)

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      You know thats not the first step..
      … OzComplaints is first.

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        Bit of a longshot, but I do sometimes secretly hope there's still some common sense out there….

        • yeah, tried everything.
          I just get to wait until JB fixes something and everyday, i have a refresh the price (which expires a midnight each day)

  • I don't think it's an on-going issue for 2 weeks, I called up for a price match for click and collect yesterday, it was sent to my phone and I checked out using gift card without any issues

    • That's the weird thing, it appears to be only some people which have the issues. I'm glad it worked for you.

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    Had this same issue about 3 weeks ago, then it randomly decided to work after trying for a few days, so keep at it

    • Thanks mate, good 2 hear.
      I'm on day 4 now

  • @pingMarky

    Faced this issue as well half an hour ago which got me to your post.

    Figured out a workaround, before entering the GC number and pin, click on the PayPal radio button, then enter the GC details, it should go through. Repeat for the rest of the GCs.

    There you go @bobbified and @pharkurnell OzComplaints are sometimes more helpful than customer care.

    Enjoy your discounts mate!

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