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[VIC] 6x 500ml Gelato Tubs $6 C&C, Minimum $25 for Delivery Order (Free Melbourne Delivery with $75 Spend) @ Zio Glens Minimart


Hang in there Melbourne. Hopefully these will help you get through the lockdown a little easier!

Clearing out the last lot of these 500ml gelato tubs at $1 each.. that's right $1 each!! CRAZY!!

Packed in a box of 6.

Limited quantities of Vanilla Bean, Strawberry Dairy, Pistachio, Salted Caramel flavours available.

We cannot split the box into multiple flavours.

Check out our other great deals from Zio Glen's whilst online.

Delivery right around Melbourne.

Pick-up from 13-15 Malua st, Reservoir VIC - FREE
Minimum order for delivery is $25
$25 to $75 = $10 delivery fee
Orders over $75 are delivered FREE

Thanks for supporting our small business Melbourne!

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  • Hi, are the sfogliatella made in Italy, ie imported, or made by your fine company?


  • +1

    Is there a way to bring minimum order for delivery to $24 or am I able to make a donation of $1 to get to the minimum spend?
    Got some gelato last year and it was amazing

  • I take it Melbourne only delivery?

  • "We don’t offer shipping to Australia."

    Tried to get shipping to Ferntree Gully

    Someone wanna confirm this?

    • Had to add a 5L tub of Gelato to actually get it to ship to Ferntree Gully

      • Hi, if you order under $25 it will give you that error

  • How long does shipping take? Looking at the baccio balls and pistachio slices

    • Hey, generally a couple of days depending on where you are.

  • Any update on shipping to NSW?

    • +2

      Hey Winston, not at the moment. Been having some challenges up there and can't get up to sort things out unfortunately. Thought I would have by now

  • What's the BB date for Strawberry 5L ?
    Any chance of a discount on rainbow ice cream?

    • 23/1/22 on the strawberry. Not clearing the Rainbow. sorry

  • 23/1/22 on the strawberry. Not clearing the Rainbow. sorry

  • Any chance of a mix?

    • +1

      Sorry. They are pre-packaged in boxes of 6. At this price it is too difficult to manage. Sorry

      • All good, will pick some up. Thank you :)

  • Excellent price op. Wish we had a bigger freezer and could buy more!

  • -1

    I'm a fussy ice cream eater and have no problems after 1st purchase firing another to get to free shipping .
    I think the standout is the strawberry 6 X 500 for $6 . I went 10 of them :)

    • Haha. That should keep you going for a while!

  • -2

    Trying to add $1 tubs there coming through at $6. Is something wrong with website?

    I've added 6 of the same, it shows $36 instead of $6

    • +1

      $1 each 500ml x 6

      • Nope, it's showing $6 each 500ml x 6 = 36

      • -2

        Your right, I added 6boxes thinking they were individual s

        • 5 x 6 x $1 to get delivery, I couldn't resist

  • Another banger deal, cheers Franky!

    • +1

      We're here for the people! Thanks for your support twate20!

  • what's the expiry on the 5L tubs?

    • The $36 tubs have over 12 months. The stuff on clearance is all closer to BB date but would still have a few months. DM me with any specifics

      • excellent - just grabbed $75 worth of stuff

  • Great deal, are you guys open for click and collect on weekends?

  • -1

    great deal..but your web page needs a tweek…I missed out in real-time on strawberry ..I ordered 4 lots and checked out with all dets in including cc dets. Came back with error 4 down to 3 left…so sent me back to the purchase page but did not leave in cc dets…had to re-enter them so by that time I got another error saying 3 down to 2 repeat then down to 1 so finally got 1…long n short is if stock not there cc details should still be in the checkout page as you are not directed out of it…

    • Hey, sorry to hear about this. I understand what's happened and it's an unfortunate experience. I'll drop you a DM

  • Do you offer pick up Saturday (tomorrow)?

    • Yes we are open from 8am to 12pm tomorrow for pickup. thx

  • Gonna have to clear the freezer out…
    Cheers OP looking forward to it 😍

  • Thank you!
    So excited for this!!!

    • +1

      You're welcome! Thanks for supporting our small business!

  • Hopefully we get an SMS/email or a heads up call before the driver arrives.

    Don’t want to miss the delivery like last year!!

    • +2

      Hey Vladamir, yep. We'll send you a message in the morning to let you know it's coming your way :)

  • Ordered 3 flavours last weekend and they’ve all been delicious – even the cherry ripe and I really don’t like cherry!

    Seriously considering playing Tetris with the freezer to make room for more… 😁

    • +1

      Thanks Nquisitor! Really appreciate the feedback. Definitely worth the effort with some nice weather coming next week :)

  • Thanks, bought a heap of it, probably wont fit in freezer but can give the neighbours a gift

  • I ordered some of the other Gelato and pasta even though zero room in the freezer, I’ll work out what to do with it when it arrives.

    • Sounds like a good excuse to eat more gelato :)

  • Are strawberry and vanilla 500ml sold out?

    • Hi, yes all sold out now but we still have 5lt strawberry available for only $10

  • Thanks

  • God I'm glad you don't deliver to qld or I would be bloody poor

    • I wish we did! Hopefully one day we can share the love up there too :)

  • +4

    Nice, thanks OP.
    A bit of feedback, if I may.. I think since last year some of us have been asking for ingredients to be listed, and iirc you mentioned the team was working on it - is this still happening?
    I know the ingredients are listed on the packaging but it kind of defeats the purpose as you'd have already received it. Whether it's due to allergies, dietary preferences, or just to know what emulsifiers/stabilisers etc are used, it'd be super handy to just have the info there somewhere (even if it's just photos of the ingredients label taken on your phone - a few dozen flavours shouldn't take very long) rather than having to send DMs about every potential flavour. Just my 2c!

    • Thx for the feedback. I'll start to get them up in the photos section. Thanks

  • received an email this morning

    You left items in your cart
    Hi, you added items to your shopping cart and haven't completed your purchase. You can complete it now while it's still available with FREE DELIVERY OVER $50 OR $10 delivery for purchases over $25

    my cart is over $50 and delivery fee is still applied

    • Hey, I'll DM you.

      • I just received the same email. Mistake? Or hidden secret to make it work? 😀

  • I received my delivery today and it’s delicious!!
    Thank you so much!!!

    • I was supposed to receive mine today too, but it didn't show up :(

      • Yes, me too. They sent me a text message saying the ice cream has arrived and delivered. Clearly not the case so I will be contacting them tomorrow.

        • +1

          Update I called them and apparently it was late for the driver according to the spokesperson so they will try again 4 days later.

  • Received my order. I must say I'm a bit disappointed, the Mascarpone is very granular. I must have received a bad batch.

    • I received the Mascarpone didn’t notice it was granular, it reminded me of the vanilla pancake parlour icecream not so much gelato.

      • That's what mascarpone is meant to be .. complimentary ice cream to have with cake/pancakes - moderately sweet with a hint of vanilla. Unfortunately I had to bin mine, the gritty substance left a bitter unpleasant aftertaste.

    • If it's a bit grainy it comes from the marscapone cheese. Nothing wrong with it otherwise.

  • +2

    Received my order just now. 120 cases in Vic today, and driver wasn't wearing a mask… I mean, come on. Delivery drivers come into close contact with dozens of people each day. I hope he's fully vaccinated at least.

    • Hi, I'm sorry for this and thanks for bringing to my attention. Drivers have all been spoken to.

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