Subway Not Enough Filling in Their Wraps

Hey any Subway staff on Oz Bargain who can shed light on their wraps? I am a lover of a large grilled white turkey wrap, no cheese, all the salads with honey mustard sauce. I probably have this about 3 times a week… and I go to different outlets. My issue is the large difference in the amount of filling! Some outlets make the wrap so skimpy on the salads and turkey, it's as flat as a pancake.. others overload it with carrot but not enough spinach etc. 2 slices of tomato but 8 slices of cucumber and 3 olives… it's all over the shop. It's annoying that it's not standardised, so I keep having to interrupt then to ask them to adjust the ingredients. If I wanted a carrot wrap, I would have asked for one!!
Surely there should be instructions for making these, and having photos of each product for staff to reference from would make this much easier. Or is it the Subway franchisee telling their staff to skimp on fillings?

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  • The reason it's inconsistent is that Subways have huge competition among eachother (there are way too many of them). Being "different" from other Subway down the street is their competitive edge. You better have one favorite Subway spot which you prefer the most and stick to it.

    I stopped going to Subway for this reason. Huge variance among the shops. It's like kinder surprise.

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      No I doubt thats the real problem here.
      Its much simpler actually, they are just trying to cut costs, thats it… especially given the fact that most franchises don’t make any profit and are just trying to get out of the business but can’t because sadly there aren’t many buyers for Subway stores anymore.

      On top, Subway corporate don’t monitor the store’s standards anymore..its basically a free for all right now.

    • Its up to OP to give instructions.

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    Arent they franchises? Give as little as possible in their pre-measured amounts for many things.

    I stopped going there as everything started tasting the same …

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      Yep agree, but sometimes it's inconsistency in the amounts of each ingredient as well. Like, should it be 2 slices of tomato or 4?… and then too much onion? A handful of baby spinach or 3 little leaves… and fill it up with carrot instead? It seems like it's so wildly different from store to store. Think I will take the advice to stick to one outlet that seems to make a decent wrap!

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        Mate, if you think they haven't put enough of whichever salad - just politely ask if you can get a little bit more. Here's an example:

        "Could I get a little bit more spinach please? Thank you"

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          You mean I should just tell the person who is in the best position to fix the problem straight away. You're talking crazy

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      I remember being in a subway once and spotted a sign telling the staff to use less lettuce as they are using more than what they should be.

      Remember thinking not to go back there again, if they are going to go cheap on the filler stuff like that.

      • That's funny.

        I specifically ask for NO lettuce every time that I order any Subway. I also say that I don't want carrot (but that's probably my dislike for raw carrot!) and I'm starting to wonder about not asking for no spinach.

        I'm tired of having my sub filled with these cheap fillers and there not being enough room for what I really went in there to buy. And it works, generally. I get the same felafel, egg, or whatever, but I usually get more tomato, olives, gherkins and other things that I like and want. Sometimes they even go back and give me more cheese.

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    First world problems!

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        There is a Subway in Kabul lol

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        You got their number? I'll call em

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      Well, not really. I've been to Subway in third world countries and it's the same situation.

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      Every gripe on Ozbargain is a first world problem isn’t it? Are you saying unless you get cholera you shouldn’t complain here?

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      Hey big, re:

      'First world problems!'

      What is your point? Is it that the only problems that you think should be aired/discussed here are 'second world' problems, or 'third world' problems? Has it escaped your attention that this entire website is called OzBargains, and Australia is in fact a 'first world' country? It's not called 'second-world country bargains', or 'third world issues discussion forum'.

      The number of dips#its who 'pounce' on a legitimate post/gripe like this one here on OzBargain with the utterly erroneous and predictable numbskull/one-liner comment 'First world problem' is ludicrous.

      Find something better to do than mindlessly posting 'scripts' you have learned from other websites/forums, which only serve to dilute any meaningful/informative responses others have contributed to the dialogue. Realise that in doing so, you yourself constitute a 'first world problem'.

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      First world problems!

      Here is another one - Smell Coming from Shower Drain When Having a Shower

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    Talk to them while they are making yours and get exactly what you want.

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      lol when I try doing that, all I get is a crappy face with a big frown on it..

      • Try smiling ,🤬

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    Same price, smaller size/portion seems to be the way everywhere nowadays :(

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    When I worked at subway many many years ago the amount of filling on the subway sub is standardised.

    There's usually a piece of paper stuck on the server's side that they can reference:

    A Footlong turkey sub should always have 8 slices of turkey, if you are given less take a photo of it and make a complaint on this link

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    A Subway near me makes the most miserable subs around. They call it "portion control" :-( Don't go there anymore.
    Just go the the subway that makes the best one but it is usually up to the person making it.

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    I literally stand there and watch them and tell them if they are being stingy or not…. Always get your money's worth!!!!

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    Haven't had a decent Subway in years - across university campus, CBD, suburbs etc it's always been sub-par and not worth the value.

    My go to was the meatball sub and I've never gotten good consistency.

    Better off getting banh mi…cheaper and it's more consistent.

  • Just as for more. I find they put too much in. I try to say make it like the picture, not overstuffed, but they always overstuff it.

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    You need to learn the ways of Tom Green.

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    Didn't they just recently dupe customers with FAKE MEAT?!

    Why are you going to this unscrupulous food outlet?

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    Geez I didn’t realise some people took subway fillings so seriously!!
    I was joking about first world problems, seems some people have lost their sense of humour on this forum.
    If you took offence Mr Saxons I apologise.

  • Make your own wraps easy.

  • For years I've always asked for more carrot and spinach because of the minimal amount they put on. They've always complied.

  • I use to work at Subway. The wraps are foul, use to make me gag heating them up before making one for someone, just so rubbery. Not sure it's still the same.

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