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Dyson Air Multiplier 25cm Table Fan $288.21 Delivered with The $10 Voucher


Hi guys,

We have dropped the prices on all of our Dyson fan range.

We are selling the Dyson Air Multiplier 25cm for $288.21 delivered, if you use the $10 voucher from the site. This is the cheapest on market by $40+. Complete specs can be found at Dyson.


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  • +10 votes

    i'll be interested if they were $28

    • +6 votes

      Exactly. They just have a small fan in the base which blows air through the ring at the top. A $10 fan and $5 worth of injection moulded plastic.

      Where are the Chinese knock-offs?

      • +1 vote

        The "Air Diviser" (TM) coming to a dropship store near you in 2-3 months!

        No, but seriously here they are.


          I wasn't far off - prices start from ~$20 each up to ~$40 for a floor standing version.

          Even if you doubled the price from $20 to $40 for the desk fan, there sure is a hefty profit @ $288.21 that someone is making.


    Form over function here. I love mine though, people always comment on how it looks great.

  • +2 votes

    two bad points 1) way overpriced for a 'fan' and 2) really loud! = waste of money


      the mona lisa is also way overpriced for a painting.

      think of this as being an artwork, which doubles as a fan. if you really wanted a fan, buy a fan - not this.

      • +5 votes

        thanks for your apples to oranges comparison.
        If i bought the Mona Lisa painting and end up not liking it, pretty sure I can resell it and make a profit out of it….
        If i tried to resell this Dyson fan, pretty sure I'd make a loss and most likely no one would buy it…

        • +2 votes

          I never made any comparison regarding resale prices - I merely pointed out that you are judging the product based on your oversimplified view of the product (just a fan), when you should take into account other considerations such as form, brand, etc.

          it's like the beats by dr dre deal you posted. For the price, they are certainly not good value for money for the quality that they give; however, after taking into consideration facets such as design, popularity, blah blah blah, the pricing becomes slightly more reasonable.

          in the end, value is subjective in most senses of the word. personally, I cannot justify spending 288 on this item, however I can see that if someone was in the market for this, then it does represent good value.

      • +3 votes

        You may be on the wrong website.

  • +6 votes

    These things are so stupid. You could buy a window unit air condition for the same price.

  • -2 votes

    a way too expensive.




    compared to the original price this is a bargain, but judging on value alone, that's up to you, my take on the guy who invented this is that he invented it because he could! you know, different just for the sake of being different, unlike his bagless vacuums, now those were really an improvement on the typical vacuum cleaner

    • +2 votes

      Dyson wasn't the first to come up with this. They had to modify their design more because it was too much like an existing patent.

      My Dyson vacuum is an awesome well designed and made piece of equipment that I am very happy with and was happy to pay the amount I did.

  • +4 votes

    Doubles as a basketball hoop in Winter. SOLD.

    • +2 votes

      give it some string and it triples as a giant tennis racquet lol

  • +4 votes

    I could open a small circus with this… light the ring up and get my dogs to jump through it. :)

  • +5 votes

    Dip the head in some watered down detergent, then you will have a giant bubble blower


    witch craft!


    Guys don't diss this voucher. For THAT model it is a good price. Couldn't get it <$310 from global ebay:

    Cheapest Knockoff: $75