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[NSW] All Standard Menu Single Protein Burgers $10 Every Monday (in-Store Only) @ Burger Point


Burger point is currently doing $10 Burgers every Monday.

Pretty good value considering some of the Burgers are normally $16-$17. Makes for a great Monday in Lockdown.

Marsden Park
Wentworth Point
Edmondson Park
Eastern Creek

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  • Burgs here are decent! <3 If only one was local to me :(

  • The Fried chicken burger had a stupid huge piece last time I went to Wentworth Point. Was fantastic!

  • I think that is the Miss Sri? I had it last Monday, amazing for $10.

  • -2

    And thats why lockdown isnt working.

  • +2

    What a coincidence, just started working in a warehouse 2 minutes away. Thanks OP 🍔

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