Credit Card Annual Fees Waived or Refunded?

Hi All,

First time asking a question so please ignore any errors. Admin please remove if this post is not allowed.

Just wanted to check if anyone has been able to have their CC annual fees waived recently.

I have an Amex Plat Edge card and did not get a chance to use the 200 travel credit last year due to all the lockdowns. I am wondering if the annual fees will be worth it for this year.

Has anyone been able to have the annual fees waived with Amex ?? Or even got any offer or incentive to keep the card?

Just wanted to know before i call Amex up.



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      Have you paid any dollars?

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        always been free and still are.

  • Please report back, had the same thought (same card).

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    The best Amex did was extend the validity of the travel vouchers/credit.

    Not sure they plan on doing it this year.

    If you search here, few posts have indicated fees are rarely waived but, please go ahead call them and report back to us.