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[WA] DC Comics The Flash T-Shirt $2 in-Store Only @ Kmart Innaloo


$2 for an official licenced tee, OG Flash at that. All sizes available.

Also available, Seinfeld (Kramer) and X-Files tees for $3 ea, select sizes.

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    Flash sale

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      you commented on this faster then a speeding jv

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      Flush? Innaloo? Lol

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    Better be quick

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    I wanted a flash tee. But I wasn't quick enough.

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    And just like that it was gone.

  • In a loo? No thanks

  • Heh, Inaloo. Always love these odd suburb names.

    • There's odd….and there's Dog Swamp

  • were there more than 1 design for the X-Files tee, or was it just the one shown on the website: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/license-t-shirt/3363359 (4th one across)

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      Same as the website one

      • thanks!