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Liptember Box 2021 $30 + Delivery ($0 with $50 Spend) @ Chemist Warehouse


The 2021 Liptember Box has over $200 value for the price of $29.99*. With everything from lip balms, vitamins, dry shampoo and aromatherapy products to beauty face masks, feminine hygiene products and micellar water, the 2021 Liptember Box has something for everyone to treat you from head to toe!

Proceeds from the Liptember Box will be donated to the Liptember Foundation to support women’s mental health programs, initiatives, support services and research.

Plus postage and handling*

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    If you received this in the mail, would you think “cool collection of all sorts of things” or “what is this reject shop mix of weird samples and odds and ends”?

    Genuine question, I thought I might send it to my daughter, as it is fun to get stuff in the mail, but I think she might have the second reaction.

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      Bit of both maybe haha. Burt's Bees is really good though and I wanted to buy the manuka clay mask anyway and also try the Dr Lewinns mask. Proceeds are going to charity anyway :)

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    Uh looked at the contents, where does the $200 of value come from?

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      Yes I thought that toO! -then thought whatever, its a bargain.

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      Was bored in lockdown so tried to calculate this:

      Voost 60 pack $15.99 - 10 pack ~$2.67
      Carmex strawberry lip balm $4.99
      Swisse manuka mask rrp $20.99 (sale at CW for $8)
      Dettol hand sanitiser rrp $3.49 (CW sale $1.75)
      Femfresh 250ml $6.99 (CW sale $5.99) - 50 ml $1.40 (CW sale $1.20)
      Bosisto roll on rrp $19.95 (CW sale $15.99)
      Blistex lip rrp $5.25 (CW sale $4.99)
      Dr Lewinns face mask rrp $9.95 (CW sale $9.49)
      Bioderma micellar rrp $21.99 (CW sale $15.39)
      OGX Green Tea rrp $19.99 (CW sale $10)
      Odourgone patches rrp $4.95 (CW sale $3)
      Hot hands rrp $2 (CW sale $1.99)
      Aussie Bodies Protein Bar rrp $3.69 (CW sale $2.99)
      Burt's Bees Lip Balm rrp $6.50 (CW sale $6.49)
      Elyptol hand sanitiser rrp $8.49 (CW sale $3.99)
      Thursday Plantation Clay Mask rrp $14.95 (CW sale $10.39)
      Darrell Lea liquorice rrp $5 (CW sale $3.99)
      Carroten sunscreen 200ml $8.49 - 25ml $1.06
      Twinings infuse 12 pk rrp $6 from Woolworths - 3 pk $1.5
      Bondi protein $1.99
      Chapstick lip balm from Woolworths $8
      Go healthy rrp $51.99 (CW sale $30.99)
      Wanderlust- assume they say worth $10
      Redwin moisturiser rrp $9.99 (CW $6.99)

      Total: $248.21
      Total (including discounts): $182.22

      • Thanks for that, must've been real bored!

        • +3

          Yeah took a day off work yesterday but then realised there's not much to do when you're in lockdown

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    Does op know if chemist warehouse do this promotion monthly? Or only once a year in September?

    • no idea sorry :( I was just browsing the website when I saw this deal

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    Only once a year in September.

  • Noooo, they are out of stock :(