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Ferrex 20V Xfinity Plus 5pc Set $229 @ ALDI


Set includes

drill driver skin,
impact driver skin,
angle grinder skin,
circular saw skin,
LED torch skin,

2.0Ah, 4.0Ah batteries and charger also included.

Not sure if devices are brushless or not though.

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  • How does this compare to the Ozito one from Bunnings that was recently on sale? Bought the Ozito, but have yet to get a "your order is ready for collect" email.

    • I think Bunnings Ozito deal has brushed version. So if the ALDI ones are not brushless then it will be kind of same. ALDI devices come with 5 years warranty same as Ozito although some one was saying that only for the first item (first fault report), something like that. Need to be careful about that.

      I would wait experts to make comments though.

      For deliveries…. I have ordered $800 worth of stuff from Bunnings last week and asked to be delivered. Order status is still "order taken" :) Well they must be very busy.

      • recall that previous ozbargain discussions on 20V Ferrex kit from aldi that suggested they are brushless motors.

        • had a quick search, indeed, they were. https://imgur.com/a/llAS7ZO

          But that specifically stated brushless motors were as this one it doesn't. Guess, when someone picks one up they'll be able to tell us. I'll stick with the Ozito order only because there is a Bunnings down the road from me, and I can buy other skins should I need them.

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            @he11bent: I've used one of Aldi's brushless drills and the performance was really poor. For screwing somthing in it was ok, beacuse it could get some momentum going, but trying to unscrew something it didn't seem to have the capaibility to get it started. It didnt struggle, it would just attempt then cut off as if the smarts wouldn't allow it to run.

            Side note; A difference between the Ozito and this current Aldi one is the metal vs plastic chuck grip ring.

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    Ozito all the way….

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    Bunnings, now your next move!! Better be DeWalt or Matika brands please.

    • They already matched with their Ozito Power X Change Bundle (Sander instead of torch)

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        I guess sander is better tool than torch (at least for me).

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      Oh yeah, let's match the price with a far superior product….Even Ozito is better than the ALDI deal IMO as you can get far more skins once you're in the eco system

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      Bunnings Hawthorn are clearing the Bosch brushless hammer drill, impact driver, angle grinder and 4.0ah battery for $299 if you want a level up from Ozito, not sure what DeWalt or Makita deals are going and with lockdowns I doubt the reps will be in store for fathers day deals like they have done in the past.

      • Grabbed that one before Bunnings shut, 5ah though?

      • yeah I told my friend to buy one of those $299 kits (came with 5.0ah battery though) and he bought the last one. I was going to buy too, now crying. Cannot find anywhere online on Bunnings website

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    My only concern with the Aldi gear is if they decide to abandon the line, and the availability of spares/batteries.

    Bunnings/Ozito gear is a short drive away for a battery/tool/charger/warranty exchange in the case of things going wrong.

    • If ALDI decides to abandon the line then they have to have the stock for 5-7 years by law for warranty claims. (if I am not wrong).

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        They don't have to stock anything. If they can send you a replacement, they will else refund.

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          Aldi stuff is mostly Ferrex, which is massive in europe, and is the Ozito Euro brand's competitor. (I forget the name)

          So Ferrex won't go away. But Aldi can't match the support that Ozito+Woolworths offer, and replacements are harder to come by. With Aldi, if it fails, it's a matter of requesting a refund or battling whatever options they might come up with in future. Not that the options at Bunnings are much better, but they will have options for you to move to, if you don't want to just get a refund.

          That said, often Ferrex make better tools than Ozito. (Check out their brushless multi-tools, drills, and reticulating saws, certainly they are always comparable.

          However in this deal, the brushed motor models are nowhere near what we've seen to date. They are a bit low-brow, but certainly okay for DIY: Given that most tend to buy into the idea of doing something around the house, but don't get around to doing it (then store it all fully charged in the cupboard afterwards). So it matters not, the batteries die out early and most of this will get landfilled after living on a shelf for a few years regardless of how good it is.

          Ozito batteries are similar, however the chargers are better (contain more charging logic inside)

          • @resisting the urge: yep, Ferrex make cheap brushless reciprical saws which Ozito never sell,

          • @resisting the urge: Einhell in Europe? They make some great tools, sometime I feel it’s slightly better than ozito.

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          yep and refund is fine, you can go and buy a newer and better tool ….

      • I highly doubt they will abandon they run the infinity range batteries. I already have the small leaf blower, vacuum hedge clippers,, drill kit and Reciprocating saw. Only reallly bought this set as i wanted a grider and torch. Through in the 2 new batteries and extra charger and i think iv got a great setup.

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    Imo Ozito spare parts and ecosystem are more readily available from Bunnings rather than ALDI once a decade sale.

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      Ozito is way more known brand compared to ALDI brands but…..

      Check out Bunnings' warranties for kits and promo sales: only 1 warranty claim allowed per kit. If the drill fails and then later on the circular saw you'd not be able to claim the saw if you had already claimed the drill

      you can read here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/647225

      and post from associated member on that:

      Normally this is because the manufacturer wants the entire kit back. If we did have the product still in stock, we'd take all 5 tools back and give you a new set. Or if you only brought in the individual item we could give you a replacement and send the kit back with your faulty item in it.

      However for promotional items that are no longer on sale and we don't have stock of, it gets a bit tricky there. Normally either we'd just give you a refund/store credit, however it really does depend on who you speak to. It's a tricky situation for us to deal with and if we still had stock on hand we'd happily give it to you. Unfortunately this is just what happens with promotional items that come and go.

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        I haven't had an issue with multiple claims on a Ryobi pack, was more that they wanted the entire pack returned as the seperate items generally aren't like for like or they're harder for them to process the return. It can still be done though and would be against consumer law if they didn't warrant each tool separately

  • Positec makes them n others worx Rockwell etc