Free to Stream - Transformers Season 1- 4 | African World Cup Qualifiers @ YouTube


Edit - first four seasons of the Transformers to be made free. The next 3 seasons will be released weekly, for the next 3 weekends. Source.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

“Autobots, transform and roll out!”

The entire first season of my favourite (and best) show is free to stream in HD for a limited time.

Also available are the African World Cup qualifiers. 40 games have been scheduled from the 1/9 to 8/9.

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    This more than meets the eyes!

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      meets the eyes

      Nice to meet you eyes.

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    Optimus Prime the Original FaceMasker

  • +19

    Ba weep granna weep ninny bong

    • Greetings to you too.

    • Got any Energon pellets you would be willing to share?

    • +3

      You've got the touch…

    • Oh man. This phrase brings back a flood of memories with the movie. Best comment. Thank you.

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      Ba weep granna weep ninny bong?

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      All we need is a little Energon and a lot of luck.

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    Autobots, roll out!

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    In case you want just the highlights
    I recommend turning subtitles on.

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      Thanks buddy!

      Initially, I thought who would watch this and I got stuck by this strangely entertaining compilation.

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  • African World Cup Qualifiers

    I have a rich uncle in Nigeria who owns one of the teams.

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      I may have just gotten an email from your uncle.

      I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch.
      But BIG things are about to happen!

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        I may have just gotten an email from your uncle.

        Yes, he's a prolific emailer…

      • thank god for the hatchery

    • Just the one?

    • Are you royalty?

      • Only by marriage.

        • +1

          do you get charged royalties

          • @ruski: yes, a​ princely sum

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              @jv: surely you jest

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                @ruski: Too early in the day for that…

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    You just reminded me of one of the all time classic videos on YT

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      It's just Megatron with tits!

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    Optimus Prime, and Dads after they pay the bill at the restaurant: Autobots, roll out.

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      ….. … .

      ..Laserbeak, eject & attack

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      Yes, Soundwave in particular.

      Kids: What's that change into? Why was that one in his chest?
      Me: They're small cassettes.
      Kids: What's a cassette?
      Me: Like a CD.
      Kids: What's a CD?
      Me: Like a DVD, but only music.
      Kids: What's a DVD?
      Me: Oh wow…

      Whereas Soundwave was my first Transformer and at the time, I remember being wowwed by the fact that he could take real micro-cassettes from my Dad's note-taker.

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    One if The best childhood memory, thanks op

  • Bring backs lot of memories. Cheers.

  • The real hero was always Megatron.

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      Are you Barney Stintson?

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        Haaaave you met Ted?

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    Starscream backstabbing Megatron constantly never gets old.

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      You would have thought Megatron would have learned, seems to have the memory of a goldfish

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        It's because Megatron is a very forgiving character - like Jesus.

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    You (tube's) got the touch!

  • Awesome, thank you Dealbot

  • Why do you say limited time? The source article doesn't say this.

  • Great memories. Will never understand why they have not decided to make a sequel to The Movie one. Seasons 3&4 were meh.

    • The 5-parter right after the movie and some eps here and there were epic.

      Also there was an episode done by different artists, very anime. I remember being blown away by the first 5 mins.
      Edit: call of the primitives

  • Where's Megan fox?

  • +1

    Original is the best. Forget about all the 3D BS

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    Watch "The Toys that Made Us" on Netflix for an entertaining history of Transformers. Copied from Japanese toys and a TV show created to sell them to American kids.

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    If they can all fly, what's the point of turning into an aircraft?

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      Because it sells toys

  • Thank you for posting. Watching these episodes triggers immense nostalgia for my childhood, when I was lucky enough to grow up in a secure, happy family and not have a care in the world. How I miss those days.

    These cartoons and especially the original move are much darker than the recent movies, which are mostly about humans. I always loved that this cartoon was mostly about robots fighting each other - perfect for their target demographic of young boys.

  • Cheers

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    Constructacons + air superiority should have allowed the Decepticons to win every battle.

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      yeah, but Dinobots.

  • Transformers - Robots in de skies

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    bah weep granah weep nini bong

  • Are they Truly HD ?

  • No love for Go Bots? Leader One! Cy-kill!

  • nice, second season available.

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