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DROP + SENNHEISER PC38X Gaming Headset US$148 (After Coupon) + US$15 Shipping (~A$223.10) @ Drop


Was looking for some headphones, did some research and these seem to be a really decent pair. I've not received mine yet.

Australian outlets wanted 330+. Amazon wanted $273.

Buying direct, make an account for $10 off, then log in and found there was an offer for the 'SAVE21' on any purchase over $150USD.

Coupon Code: SAVE21

Worked for me, cannot confirm it will work for anyone else, but worth a shot! Make an account if it doesn't work for guest accounts.


rtings review comparison: https://www.rtings.com/headphones/tools/compare/sennheiser-h...

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  • Code will work for everyone, but for audio quality, some better options are the Sennheiser HD 560S ($249 local, including Amazon), the HIFIMAN HE400SE stealth magnet edition ($219 @ Amazon AU), and the HIFIMAN HE-X4 ($185ish @ Drop).

    • Out of pc38X & all those you mentioned, which one would likely be most comfortable for a big head/ears?

      • For ears, inner measurements of an earpad and the cups will give you an idea, and if the manufacturer doesn't specify, a reviewer or even an owner on a discussion board should.

        For head, that's a combination of factors, including overall clamp of the headphone, the design (suspension versus manual adjustment versus fixed, etc), dimensions, and the materials of the headband, and the weight distribution of the headphone. Typically that can still be adjusted through stretching or collapsing the headphone a bit, based on your needs.

        If you've historically had a lot of issues with simultaneous pressure from the pads/cup on your ears alongside headband pressure, and you're certain it's not a consequence of weight distribution for a particular headphone, then before buying you should either check the return policy, speak to the seller before purchase to get approval for a return based on these issues, or demo before purchasing.

        From my perspective, the overwhelming majority of people aren't going to have issues with headband length and placement over the ears, it's going to be about space for your ears and the clamping force around them. If you've got space, the rest of the issues should be solved through stretching the headband to alleviate the clamp, and for that you can use an appropriately wide stack of books (or blocks of wood) to rest them on for a few hours.

        If you really do have a tall head, suspension headbands will be preferred.

      • Either of the Sennheisers are fine (I have very few mid-fi headphones which I'd label as such). They clamp fairly tight, but I find that preferable to ears touching the internals.

        I find the HD560s has a slightly better headband (foam placement) whereas the PC38X are slightly more comfortable around the ear.

        HiFiMAN is horrendously uncomfortable for a lot of people (myself included). Earpads are round and smaller than other brands such as Beyerdynamics (which I already find uncomfortable).

    • -1

      I'm slightly biased because I just bought the PC38x so want them to be good haha, but rtings seem to think they are more or less the same. With the the PC38x costing at a minimum $30 less + including a microphone, I'd say for gaming use the PC38x is a solid buy. I'm sure the rest are also great. personally I prefer the design of the HD560s but whatever. I will use my QC25 for all other activities other than gaming and may upgrade them to the QC45 when released.


      • +1

        RTings methodolgy for reviewing headphones completely disregards detail and timbre, and that's just the beginning of the issues when there's a focus on delivering objectively measurable performance with today's common measuring techniques.

        You go to RTings to compare frequency response curves, which only roughly describe tonality, and have limited bearing on quality.

      • +1

        The PC38X is —-lightyears—- better than the QC25 (I own both).

        I have 15+ sets of headphones and the PC38X is the open-back headphone I reach for most of the time, even when just listening to music.

        I admit that I do prefer the look of my HD560s though.

    • Arguable.

      I have both Senns… the PC38X sees the most use when it comes to listening to music (velour pads). The HD550s is better for competitive gaming. Weird, I know… but the tuning on the PC38x is just flawless.

      I think both HiFiMAN cans are flawed - the Sundara is where the brand comes into its own.

      • It's well regarded for its tonality, but that's about it. Why pay $220 for that, when you can get roughly the same outcome from a Koss KSC75 with a headband mod for $20ish? You're basically in 6XX pricing territory, but it's as though you're listening to it through a bucket you've strapped onto your head, and someone slapped a mic on the side.

        Up past $100, you want a lot better technical performance alongside good tuning.

        • Fair enough… I tend to side more with Sean Olive / Oratory1990 / ASR's thinking that FR > all.

          Speaking of which… I'd hardly say these are comparable:


          I have both. KSC-75 next to me right now fitted with PartsExpress headband and Yaxi pads. Nice alternative to (most) earbuds but not in the same league as the PC38X.

          The 6XX is very nice but (imo) requires EQ for a lot of genres. The bass roll off is extremely noticeable. Also it clamps harder and has less internal ear space (my ears touch the driver padding on the 6 series).

          The real issue with the PC38X is that it doesn't FEEL premium. It's not super cheap yet looks and feels like a gamer-toy - this is a bad combo for hobbyists.

    • Code will work for everyone

      It did not work for me.

      • Seems it's expired in the last 24 hours.

        I can see you've marked my original deal as targeted, but you're the only person I've seen not be able to use the code?

        Here's a tweet promoting it for all users, and showing the end date: https://twitter.com/drop/status/1432446387724095490

  • +1

    If you're gaming then these are regarded as one of the best for the price. The PC38X has an updated driver which from reviews makes them much better than the old version (PC37x) for music and movies.

    I prefer the Beyerdynamic sound signature above Sennheiser but its subjective. My ears arent yours. Having said that, we chipped in and bought one of these for a mate & he loves them.

    I dont think I've watched a negative review on these from your major Audiophile youtubers (DMS, Badseedtech, joshua valour). But again, with a gaming focus.

    • I don't find much value in DMS or Josh Valour's videos. And Badseedtech makes great content and is super likeable, but he's the first to say he isn't a real audiophile.

      I'd stick with Crinacle and maybe Andrew Park (the Headphone Show) for good information. Crinacle's written review is much better than the rest and aligns with what I hear. The PC38X is a beautiful sounding set of headphones which happens to come with a good (but ugly) mic. But I don't find them particularly good for competitive gaming - just have a look at the early treble roll off.

  • Code does not work for me unfortunately

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