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Get up to 100% Refund of Hospital Excess (Silver & above AIA Vitality Status & Held Policy for 6+ Months) @ AIA Health Insurance


Came across this deal while googling for health insurance. Quite an interesting model, this AIA Vitality. Make money by pursuing some healthy habits.

You start your journey on Bronze Status. As you get healthier and earn more Points you’ll move from Bronze to Silver, Gold and finally to Platinum. You can earn AIA Vitality Points through tracking healthy habits, like increasing your physical activity or going for health checks. The more Points you earn, the higher your Status, the greater the rewards.

You can earn up to $760 every membership year in vouchers from AIA Vitality partners or cash into your CommBank account, including;

  • Up to $260 annually when you reach your personalised weekly Active Benefits target; and
  • Up to $500 annually when you reach Points milestones on your way to achieving a higher AIA Vitality Status.

You can unlock additional Health Insurance benefits when reaching AIA Vitality Silver Status or above

  • 100% refund of your hospital excess when you hold a policy for at least 6 months.
  • An additional 10% back on your Extras. Read website for more details.

Not sure if it can be clubbed with 6 weeks free below deal below:


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    It is applicable if you take the Health Insurance Provided by AIA Health

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    Wonder if this covers the rona 🤔

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    So I've suspended my private health during lockdown as I use it mainly for 80% back on chiro/osteo/myo/massage and optical/dental.

    I've with Frank, was with Budget Direct but they closed down their health offers. It's actually a GHMBA plan. "Cover: Frank Mid Hospital (Silver+) & Lots Extras 80%" for $210 monthly.

    What's strange is AIA don't offer just extras, only hospital and extras.

    The refund of hospital excess is actually quite attractive for me because I have been putting off a gastroscopy/colonoscopy day procedure which will trigger my excess.

    AIA seems to have their Enhanced Extras - 70% back. And they still include acupuncture which is strange as everyone else doesn't.

    AIA - Silver Hospital Classic and Enhanced Extras - $205 combined - with 70% back
    • Six months membership gets free hospital excess
    • $200 acupuncture
    • $400 chiro/osteo
    • $200 massage
    • $600 physio/myo

    So I would pay $5 less per month, and get $200 less remedial massage and $200 more physio/myo. But if I used the osteo/massage/myo completely ($1200), I would pay 10% more, so $120 a year. But I save $60 a year on fees.

    Plus AIA vitality bonuses. This is actually a tempting offer.

    Here are some extras only components (billed monthly) with % back (I don't like fixed dollar refunds) to compare with:

    Frank Mid Hospital Silver+ and Frank Lots Extras with 80% Benefits - $125
    • $400 physio
    • $400 chiro/osteo
    • $400 remedial
    • 400+400+400=1200

    CUA 75% Extras $119 month
    • Only $700 for physio/chiro PLUS $500 for massage
    GHMBA Top Extras 75% $135
    • $500 physio
    • $350 Chiro/osteo
    • $350 massage
    • 500+350+350=1,200
    APIA Premium Extras $162 (NIB mnvo) 75% back
    • $600 physio
    • $500 chiro/osteo
    • $400 massage
    • 600+500+400=1,500
    Suncorp Top Extras $135 (NIB mnvo) 75% back
    • $500 physio
    • $450 chiro/osteo
    • $400 massage
    • 500+450+400=1,350
    Phoenix Health Fund Complete Extras 70 $103 and 70% back
    • $1000 combined
    • $1000 major dental per policy
    Australian Unity Advanced 80% Extras $172
    • $600 physio
    • $500 Chiro/osteo
    • $400 remedial massage
    • 600+500+400=1,500

    • I haven't seen much trouble getting accupuncture cover.. My current provider, RTHealth and previous provider Qantas(NIB) cover it. I believe most, if not all NIB backed covers would have it.

      I have AIA membership already, but could never see value for money in their health insurance. The extras limits seem quite low in comparison to the competition.

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    I just moved to them 2 weeks ago and the customer service is far superior to any other provider I have ever had.

    I also connected my Apple Watch to the app. By reaching my goal every day I earn a $5 gift card each week. You can choose thing like Woolies, Apple, Uber eats etc…

    You can earn other gift cards when you reach a point threshold. So in the first week I also earned a $10 gift card which I redeemed for Amazon.

  • Too convoluted. Might be worthwhile for some people.

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      I ate my words and decided to jump on their 4 weeks free deal.

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        Please let us fence sitters know what you make of it

        • This is just a trial, it'd be better to go with a member-owned fund (not for profit) out of principle.

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    Just stumbled upon a deal - first 6 weeks free for new members if you are a CBA customer and quote via NetBank.


  • looking to join phoenix health and after a referral code please

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