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25% off Selected Categories/Brands Every Day in September @ iHerb


Come celebrate iHerb’s 25th Anniversary with 25% DISCOUNT EVERY DAY in September, featuring your favorite categories and brands!

The 25th Anniversary daily deals start at 10 AM PT and end the following day at 10 AM PT from Monday to Thursday. Weekend deals start on Fridays at 10 AM PT and end on the following Monday at 10 AM PT. Don’t miss out. Gear up and start shopping now!

First up, get 25% OFF on products from the entire iHerb Brands family. Enter promo code 25HBS at checkout or simply click on the link below to save big:

Deal Starts Deal Ends Coupon Discount
2/9 3:00AM 3/9 3:00AM 25HBS iHerb Brands

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  • +1

    I've bought from iherb so many times. I love their Kettle chips. Nice and crunchy! Don't forget to stack with Cashrewards 3.5%

    • +1

      I didn't realise iherb sold those chips, thanks!

    • +1

      I like those chips, but last time I tried to buy some each bag had a "shipping weight" of one pound and it was too hard to figure out a way to get free shipping. Do you just pay for shipping, or what?

      • I fiddle with the cart till I get the weights right. Chapsticks are light weight. Same with those protein muffins in a cup. I get like 5 packs of Kettle chips, 5 muffins and some Chapstick. Yeah it can be a bit if a pain but I live the chips. My favorites are the New York Cheese, honey mustard and the dill pickle. The salt & vinegar is nice too.

    • +1

      Don’t think today’s 25% off deal covers the Kettle chips…

      • +1

        Why do they mock us.

  • +8

    Just in time for December delivery after Auspost announcement.

    • Which announcement?

      • +2

        Australia Post announced that they will not be picking up parcels from online retailers for 4 days. 500 staff are in isolation.

  • +6

    Maybe add to the title its for iHerb brands only ?

    • +1

      Good pickup. Not the great deal I initially thought it was.

    • Well that sucks. I had items in cart and all came up Not Eligible.

      • Time for us to revoke upvotes. For them to make it 25 years it would be nice to offer a little more than just that for loyal customers who have supported them along the way.

    • +2

      its iherb brands for the next 24 hrs - the specials will change daily.

  • Invemictin hahaha

    • Joe Rogan has probably bought them out of all their stock

      • -2

        Oh, look at the downvoting dumbarses who don't keep up with the news

        • +6

          (thought I would expand on it a bit)

          HCQ, Ivermectin, EGCG, and Quercetin are all zinc ionophores.

          They are only mainly effectively in the viral replication phase i.e. before hospitalisation, when taken with zinc.

          A zinc ionophore changes the natural charge of zinc, which normally keeps it out of cells, such that it can be drawn into cells. The zinc then disrupts the viral replication of covid within the cell.


          You won't get this kind of info from a govt who promote the vaccines, because narrative matters more than information and accurate data.

          The problem with that is, their is no discussion of prophylactic or early treatment, such that those that are immunocompromised, elderly (including the elderly who have taken the vaccine), and those that can't take the vaccine due to previous adverse reactions, have information to help them get through an infection.

          • +2

            @metalslaw: Ozbargain crowd don't normally like your talk here mate…
            Much rather keep watching The Project and be fed propaganda…

  • The price used to be very good. But these days their price is high especially if you can buy the same thing from Amazon such as protein cookies etc.

    • Still king 👑 for vitamin prices.

  • +1

    Argh…I just bought some iHerb branded supplements 2 days ago,
    and I could have used this discounted code today :-\

  • +1

    What are the must gets from iherb? Thinking melatonin….slow release 3mg.

    • +1

      5mg immediate release

      • +2

        5mg is probably a little high for regular use unless you’re a big person. Reason to not push it is that if you get too far above the body’s natural physiological dose every day you can get a “downregulation” of the relevant receptors and end up finding it hard to sleep without it. /I Am Not A Doctor.

    • +1

      Curcumin and NAC are solid

    • A lot of Australia’s medical profession will recommend purchasing from this site rather than try to deal with prescriptions from compounding pharmacies that could be poorer quality anyway. I was recommend it by my psych for my condition that has poor melatonin regulation (autism). I also use it for my kids where needed. A LOT of the special needs parenting community buy from this site. There’s gummies and so forth too. It is legal to import melatonin for personal use (iherb is US-based). Don’t go wild ordering twenty bottles at a time for friends.

      • +1

        I'm pretty sure the US supplement trade including over the counter melatonin is not regulated by the fda…

    • I bought the mouth spray for $12~ to try out lol. Supposed to be 3mg per spray +orange flavoured!

    • +1

      300mcg most accurately mimics melatonin in going to sleep. Excess melatonin can potentially cause issues, so using the minimal dose is likely safer and has proven to be better at inducing sleep.

  • This can potentially be good when they have Life Extension vitamins, or you want Greens Powders which are pretty expensive.
    I just forget to check daily 😬

    • Last year, they applied the anniversary discount site wide on the last day of the promotion.

  • +1

    Another good buy is the P2B peanut's powder. They do a chic peanut flavoured one too. I add it to my plain protein powder. I've picked up Chapsticks cheap on sales. Flavours you can't get here. Oh and the microwave protein muffins in a cup.

    • Macro Mike has some good peanut butter and now almond butter flavours, I’m now loving almond ones more than the PB

  • Does anyone get iron from iHerb? Looking for a cheaper alternative to Ferrograd/Ferroplus

  • Anything on the Life Extension brand?

  • Immune System Support $1.55 (was $9.29)


    Give it a try for $1.5, but limited one per customer.

  • -2

    Can you write English? Offer last every days in September but ended last Friday? Moron.