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NCM Moscow Plus Off Road (48V 16Ah, 720Wh) $2400 + $95 Delivery @ Move Bikes


Electric bike for Off Road Only

  • Motor DAS-KIT RX15 - 36V/48V (500Watt Version)
  • Thumb Accelerator Control Throttle OFF-ROAD use only
  • Speed: Max. Speed Up to 42 Km/h
  • Battery: DEHAWK, I5, 48V 16Ah, 768Wh with USB Port
  • Front Fork: SUNTOUR XCM
  • Gears: Shimano Acera, 8 speed

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  • Good for private property
    legal to ride on public roads if more than 250 watt
    Certified sticker required EN15194

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    Cheaper here and probably loads of other places to. NCM is a cheap brand so how they can charge that much for a bike is anyone's guess. You regularly find them fairly well discounted on ebay.


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    Found rear hub and center battery do work well. The main advantage is it takes the pressure off the chain but I would not recommend it for off road. OK for the road which I think this bike would be best suited for. The 250 watt limit is just silly for carrying that kind of weight about of a hub and battery but being stuck at 25km. Most bike riders cruise around 30 km without a battery.

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      I just hate the idea of a pedelec with a throttle. I get some people need/want them, so I’m not gonna tell anyone not to get this or neg vote it, but I prefer an ebike that assists in adding additional torque to the person’s pedalling rather than just being a low-powered illegal motorbike.

      • The throttle I do use just to get started at the lights if I am in the wrong gear. Sometimes you can get stuck like that but I would also pedal at the same time, otherwise you are just killing the battery.

        Can also use it when you are on the flat, have the speed up but are going over rough terrain / pot holes (standing on the pedals only) when you don't your private parts power driven up into your nether regions.

        I assume you are referring to those who don't even think about pedaling. Then yes I do agree with you. They should just purchase a legal e-scooter.

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    Shouldn't this be a thousand dollars cheaper?

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      Supply and Demand….supply and demand…

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